Getting Ready to Move and Preparing Your Home for Sale

When you’re planning a residential move, you want your old house to sell as quickly as possible. While quick sales always involve a bit of luck, they also require careful preparation.

Here are some sure ways to help you prepare for your home to sell quickly.


Begin with the least used spaces and pack and purge. If closets and garages are full, buyers will think they are smaller than they are. Also, remove books and knickknacks from bookcases.

Touch each item only once. Ask yourself if you love it or currently use it? If the answer is yes, then pack it — otherwise, rehome it.


Prospective buyers want to envision their furniture and personal items in the house, not yours. Pack up the family photos in the hallway and the kid’s artwork that’s on the fridge.

Remove Bulky Furniture

Oversized items make the room seem smaller than it is. Remove large items and leave small, understated pieces that don’t distract.

Enhance Curb Appeal

A well-landscaped home typically sells faster and at a higher price than one without landscaping. Clear out all the debris. Touch up the mulch, add some seasonal color, and reshape trees and shrubs. Fix any irrigation problems and faucet leaks.

Deep Clean

The most attractive houses sparkle. Clean the windows inside and out. Rent a pressure washer for the outside of the home.

Recaulk tubs, sinks, and showers, and polish the chrome faucets and mirrors until they gleam. Dust everywhere and keep fresh guest towels in the bathroom.

Ensure the fridge is clean and orderly and keep the kitchen spotless. If the kitchen needs an update, consider replacing faucets, fixtures, and hinges. Watch out for smells, including cooking odors, mustiness, and pet odors.

Patch and Paint

As you remove bulky furniture and rearrange the room, you’ll notice chips, holes, scuffs, and stains on your walls. First, clean the walls, then cover the outlets and door and window frames. Choose a neutral color paint; if you’re covering a dark color, such as red or blue, you’ll need to use a primer before you paint. If you are pushed for time or if the home requires a lot of painting, consider hiring a professional.

Let in the Light

Open windows and pull up window shades. Add lamps where you can and turn them on when people come to view your house. A light-filled home lightens everyone’s mood. Bright rooms also look more inviting.

Do Some Staging

Accentuate your home’s best features. Use bright colors to draw the buyer’s eye toward special features. Bring some plants inside or introduce a vase of colorful flowers into a room.

Help the buyer visualize how they can feel at home there. Group furniture in the living room so that it looks inviting for conversation. Place a book next to a comfy chair with a floor lamp nearby.

Fresh flowers placed strategically on countertops and tables throughout your home adds color, a fresh scent, and a warm feeling.  

Create a Luxurious Bathroom Space

You can make the bathroom look like one in a spa or grand hotel with a few simple tricks. Stack washcloths tied with a ribbon, add faux plants, and a scented candle. Buy bathmats and towels in calming, coordinating colors such as green or blue. Close the toilet.

Get Ready for Your Move Day

With these tips, your house should sell in no time. Get a jump in planning your move. Contact professional movers to help get you to your new home. Contact us for a quote.