Ways to Add Extra Storage to Your Bathroom for Resale

Bathrooms are typically one of a home’s key selling points, but it may deter a buyer’s eye when the room is on the small side. Conventional wisdom suggests it’s not worth the investment to do a complete bathroom demo before placing your home on the market. 

Instead, to help boost a bathroom’s appeal, try making subtle or less expensive changes, such as adding extra storage. As you plan for your move, consider these tips.

1. Install Towel Racks

Many bathrooms only have one or two racks. Replace the old ones to give a crisp, clean look and, when installing, strategically place new ones. Place one or two full-sized towel racks on the wall, double up on the bathroom door, and add a hand towel ring near the sink. The capacity to have more hanging towels equates to the extra room in cabinets or linen space.

2. Construct In-wall Storage

Most studs have 16 inches of space in between. Hollow out an area between two studs and transform it into several in-wall shelves or even a recessed cabinet.

3. Mount Magnetic Strips

Add magnetic strips to the side of the sink vanity or inside cabinet doors. These strips can hold any small toiletry items, such as hair clips, tweezers, nail clippers, etc.

4. Hang a Curtain Around a Pedestal Sink

Put the open space surrounding a pedestal sink to good use. Hang a curtain around the sink and then add baskets, bins, or floating shelves behind it.

5. Add Corner Shelving

Wood shelving designed to hang in corners adds an attractive touch while serving a practical purpose. Also, installing stainless wire corner shelving with specially formulated heavy-duty glue makes for an excellent addition to shower area storage.

6. Install Floating Shelves

If the bathroom wall space permits, try adding a shelf over the toilet. No space here? Add one over the door – it’s out of the way, barely visible, and can prove to be quite useful.

7. Hang Floating Cabinets

If your bathroom lacks a lot of storage space, you might be better off hanging a full cabinet space instead of shelves. Try hanging a narrow floating cabinet beneath a mirror or, if space permits, on one of the walls.

8. Replace Vanity with Furniture

Replace the traditional vanity with a piece of furniture, such as a small dresser or desk. Upcycling is “in” right now and, not only does installing a sink atop a piece of furniture look trendy; it can add a ton of storage space.

9. Create the Illusion of Space

While adding extra storage can transform a bathroom’s selling point, also pay close attention to the illusion of space. This might be one of the most significant changes you can make to upgrade your bathroom’s appearance.

  • Clear counters of any clutter.
  • Leave cabinets about half full.
  • Place small items in baskets to consolidate them.

Lastly, paint the walls a light neutral color to give the appearance of an airy, wide-open space. Essentially, sellers want to provide the buyer with a blank canvas they can create on their own.

Moving On

Small bathrooms are challenging, especially since this is one of the rooms buyers pay most attention to. Spruce it up with some new storage options and update its look in the process. It’s not too costly and can make the difference between a sale and a pass from the buyer’s perspective.

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