Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving is chaotic and stressful. But with the right planning and help, you can find ways to minimize your stress and get where you want to go. Unfortunately, pets don’t get any comfort out of knowing you have planned well. For them, moving is a mystery that can’t be explained or prepared for. That means you have to take extra steps specifically to keep them comfortable.

Tips for Moving with Pets

1. Try to maintain your pet’s routine as much as possible.

If you walk your dog every day at 10 am, for example, try to stick to that routine as you are packing up the house and making the move. Keep feeding times regular for dogs and cats. Of course, you may not always have the opportunity to stick precisely to the same routine. Just do your best to keep your pet’s most essential routines consistent, like walks and feeding.

2. Crate train as you lead up to the move.

Many pets don’t spend much time in crates and kennels. It can be quite a shock for them to be shoved into a crate for hours or days while you are moving. To minimize the stress of being in the crate, slowly introduce the crate over the months and weeks before moving. One effective way to do this is to put their food in the crate and have them eat inside of it. Eventually, close the door on them before they eat, so they associate being in the crate with mealtime.

3. Plan your travel appropriately based on your pets.

For example, if you have two big dogs, you will need to include walks, meal times, potty breaks, etc., into your travel plans. You will also need to reserve hotel rooms that allow both dogs in a room. You don’t want to assume you will get somewhere in 8 hours only to find out it takes 10 with all the stops for your dogs. You also don’t want to be stuck trying to find a pet-friendly hotel after 10 hours of driving.

4. Gradually introduce your pets to the new home.

It’s easy to assume your pets will be dying to hop out of the crate and explore your new home. But this might not be the case. Many pets, especially cats, do better when slowly acclimated to a new environment. It can be helpful to start with one room. Place the crate in the room with their favorite things, like toys and a bed, and let them get used to that room first. Then, you can gradually introduce them to each room in the house. Eventually, you can give them free rein.

5. Think about hiring movers.

If you are the kind of person who likes to do things yourself, it can be challenging for you to give up a little control and hire someone else to take care of your move. But if you have pets, probably the best way to move is to get some professional help. Movers can handle the relocation while you take care of your pets throughout the process.

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