Working with Pro Movers? Tips on How to Help the Move Go Smoothly

When you have decided to enlist the help of professional movers for your relocation project, you are bound to experience a smoother transition. Here are a few things you can do to simplify the pros’ moving process so that everything goes as smoothly as possible come moving day.

1. Schedule professional movers early on.

Getting your move scheduled early ensures you get the movers to your home on the day you prefer, but it can also make things easier on the movers as well. Moving services can be in high demand in some areas. And depending on the season, moving services might be even more challenging to secure. Schedule your virtual survey early so that you can get your quote and book your moving day far enough in advance.

2. Complete the packing.

If you are packing your own things make sure the packing is complete before the movers arrive. Professionals movers will be ready to get right to work the morning of your move, so all of your belongings should be packed, labeled, and ready to go when they get there. Label each box on all four sides. Include a brief description of the contents and the room the movers should bring it to in your new home.

3. Declutter and keep the walkways clear.

The primary task the movers will be facing when they get to your home is to carry everything inside the house to the moving truck. If you have a lot of clutter and disarray, it can be more challenging for the pros to get their job done efficiently. In the process of packing up your belongings, try to keep things organized and leave a sizable path or walkway throughout the house and out to where the moving truck will be parked.

4. Make room for the truck.

Plan so that your home’s front area is completely accessible for the movers to park the moving truck. Also, ensure that the street and driveway of your new home are cleared as well. This will allow the movers to park the truck and unload with ease. Reach out to neighbors at your current and new home. Let them know about your plans and ask for their cooperation.

5. Find sitters for kids and pets.

Curious kids and anxious pets can slow down the work for the professional movers. Smaller children especially may be in the way as your belongings are being handled and moved onto the moving truck. Likewise, an anxious pet who probably doesn’t understand what’s going on can try to dart out open doors, go after the strangers in the house, or otherwise cause issues. If possible, secure a good babysitter and petsitter for moving day to avoid children and pets from getting underfoot.

Professional Movers Simplify Even the Most Complicated Moves

Whether you’re relocating within the same city or making your way to a whole new state, hiring professionals to help you with the transition is a plus. Contact us for a quote or get more advice about simplifying your moving process and scheduling your upcoming move.