Renting a Moving Truck Vs. Hiring Movers: 5 Factors to Consider

There’s more than one kind of way to move. Some people choose to hire movers, while others prefer the DIY approach. If you’re undecided about which is the right choice for you, it helps to consider all the factors before making a decision. Which method you choose to move will impact how much stress you feel during your move, how efficient your relocation is, and more. Choose carefully!

1. Stress

Hiring movers can reduce stress during a relocation. While driving the truck means that you’ll be handling it all on your own, when you hire movers, your movers will manage much of the relocation without your help. Your movers will take responsibility for getting your boxes to and from your home.

Having someone else to move your boxes, drive the truck, and load and unload the truck takes a great deal of responsibility off of you and reduces stress. Studies find that moving is one of the most stressful life events, more stressful than getting a divorce or becoming a parent. So it’s worth it if you can find professional movers to reduce your stress!

2. Efficiency

Professional movers have all the tools and skills to complete the relocation efficiently. Dollies, furniture straps, and other tools help your movers do the work quickly. When you hire professional movers to get the job done, you can count on it getting done faster than if you were moving alone. The faster and more efficiently you can get through the relocation, the quicker you’ll be able to get to settling in and feeling normal again.

3. Safety

Moving can be a safety risk. Moving heavy boxes puts you at risk of straining your back or straining other muscles in your body. If you’re moving at a time of year when it’s very hot, you could be at risk of heat stroke or heat illness. If you’re moving at a time of year when it’s frigid, you could be putting yourself at risk of slipping on ice or getting frostbite while moving boxes in the cold. When you hire professional movers, they can handle the moving for you and will be trained to protect themselves from temperature extremes, bodily injury, and more.

4. Driving Convenience

You’re not alone if you’re uncomfortable driving a moving van in traffic. Many people fear driving a moving truck, especially in crowded urban centers. When you hire movers to do the work, you no longer have to worry about whether you’ll feel comfortable driving the truck. Your professional movers will drive the truck and help solve parking challenges, permits, and other requirements.

5. Storage Options

If you need storage, a moving company can help. Often full-service professional movers have long and short-term storage available. This can be helpful when downsizing, between homes, or needing a place to store things between dwellings.

Hiring Movers? Work With the Professionals

The best way to ensure your relocation will be efficient, safe, comfortable, and as low-stress as possible is to hire a trustworthy professional moving company. Contact us today for a quote for your upcoming relocation.