7 Easy Things You Can Do to Relieve Stress When Moving

Moving can be stressful, but there are things you can do to relieve stress throughout the process. Here are several things you can do to alleviate stress and enjoy a more relaxed experience throughout your household relocation.

1. Make a Moving Binder

It’s common to accumulate important papers while moving. Whether it’s a new lease, contracts, task lists, copies of your utility bills, and other information, you may find that you’ve got a lot of papers to keep straight.

It’s easy to lose track of these papers, which can add to the stress of your relocation. Keep your important documents all in one spot like a binder — for easy access. Organize the papers so that you can find them quickly.

2. Get Help With Packing

Packing takes a lot of time and is physically challenging, which can add stress to your relocation. So refrain from assuming all the responsibility for packing and unpacking your home. Instead, hire a moving company that offers full-service relocation, check references and interview multiple potential movers before making a final decision.

If full-service relocation isn’t in your budget, get help from friends and family. Make “packing parties” that bring together groups of friends and family to pack your home all at once.

3. Take Quick Naps

Are you feeling tired? It’s no wonder because relocating is a lot of work! Some people suffer from sleep deprivation during relocations, either because they can’t sleep from stress or because they have too much to do. Sleep deprivation can lead to more anxiety and stress.

Napping can increase your energy, alertness, and mood, and that helps reduce stress. Take naps whenever possible. Even 15-minute naps can help recharge your batteries and improve your overall outlook.

4. Do One Fun Thing Every Day

Remember to have fun. Take time for one fun thing every day, even if it’s just calling a friend or watching a television show you enjoy. If you have children or a spouse, do something fun together. Doing one daily fun thing can help keep your relationship strong during a stressful time, enabling you to cope.

5. Go for Walks

Walking helps reduce stress and tension. If you’re short on time, make your walks short. Getting out of the house will help clear your head when feeling overwhelmed.

6. Engage in Mindfulness Activities

Engage in mindful breathing or take up meditation. Both activities can help you feel less anxiety and think about problems with a clear head. If you’ve never tried mindful breathing or meditation, there are many free guided meditation videos online for you to try. Once you’ve gotten used to meditating through guided videos, you can start meditating on your own.

7. Hire Professionals

When you hire a professional moving company, you relieve yourself of some of the burden of moving. 

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