How to Plan and Execute Your Home Office Move

Every relocation requires a lot of planning, but it requires double the planning when you’re moving your home office. Staying organized during your relocation can help you stay in business and avoid challenges that could lead to a dip in work productivity. If you’re moving your home office sometime soon, these tips can help.

Make a Timeline

Know what needs to be done and by when. Make a timeline of work that you need to do to move your home office, and then add these items to your calendar to ensure that you complete the work on time. Things you put in your calendar may include sorting and purging old files, sending emails to clients about your upcoming relocation, blackout dates when you won’t be working, and more.

Communicate with Clients

It’s essential to communicate with your clients throughout the moving process, so they’ll know when you’re working and when they can expect that you won’t be reachable. Good communication prevents your clients from becoming angry if they’re hoping to reach you and can’t. It also helps your clients plan around your relocation to get the work they need from you before or after your relocation.

Start sending emails to clients weeks or months in advance. Include clear information about when you’ll be moving, what your new office address will be, along with other details specific to your business.

Schedule It At a Slow Time

Schedule your relocation during a slow time when your relocation is less likely to make your clients and your business problems. If you cannot schedule your relocation during a quiet time, you may need to hire help or plan to scale back your operations during that time. Better to plan ahead and set expectations for your clients than try to manage too much at once and upset clients.

Eliminate Clutter

Sort and purge your office files to make moving more manageable and less demanding. Eliminating clutter makes it easier to stay organized and can also help you save money on moving expenses. The more clutter your business has, the longer you’ll need to sort and purge it. This process can be pretty time-consuming, so give yourself a lot of time to get it done.

Plan for Your New Office

Once you know where your new home office will be, measure the dimensions and start buying supplies that will help you furnish your new home office. At the same time, begin making updates to business cards, memos, and other office supplies that might have your old office address on them.

Start Planning in Advance

An in-home office relocation is a huge project with many moving parts. Planning your relocation can help you avoid problems that can lead to upset clients and a loss of income down the road. Begin planning your office relocation as soon as you decide that a relocation is in your future.

Work With a Reputable Moving Company

Working with a reputable moving company can make your home office relocation that much better. Contact us today to find out how much your home office relocation will cost.