4 Tips for Moving From Your House to a Condo

One of the joys of homeownership is knowing that you’re building equity in your property. However, if you want the financial benefit of owning a home but don’t want to manage so much space, you can switch to a condo. Many people move from houses to condos for various reasons, such as retirement or to be closer to work. However, the shift can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re downsizing a lot.

So, let’s go over the top tips on how to move from a house to a condo smoothly.

1. Get in Touch With Your HOA

If your home was in a master-planned community, you should already have experience with a homeowners association. However, if you haven’t worked with one before, the process can come with a bit of a learning curve. In addition, even though you own your condo unit, there are limits to what you do with it. So, before you make the move final, be sure to discuss any potential questions with your HOA first.

2. Determine Your Downsizing Needs

Unless you’re currently living in a small, two-bedroom house, chances are the condo will be much more compact. So, now’s the time to downsize by determining what you need and what you can shed. Also, keep in mind that some condo buildings come with storage space. So, rather than getting rid of all your unnecessary items, you can keep a few in your storage unit (i.e., seasonal decor).

When downsizing, it’s best to start with furniture and work your way down. You can also organize your list by room so that you don’t have to take inventory of the whole house at once.

3. Get to Know Your Building

Condo life is very similar to living in an apartment, so the changes can be substantial when moving from a house. For example, you’ll likely have to walk down to a trash chute instead of having a trash service. This process means you can’t let garbage pile up, and the distance to the chute may be longer than to the curb. Another potential issue is bringing groceries and other items into your unit. Now that you have to worry about an elevator or stairs, the process isn’t as easy.

The other part of condo life is that your building may come with amenities. For example, perhaps there’s a pool or fitness center. In this case, you might be able to cancel your gym membership. But, again, talk with your HOA about any restrictions, such as hours of operation.

4. Get Moving Help

Moving from a house to a condo doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you have professional movers on your side, the whole experience can be relatively smooth and easy-going. Best of all, the movers can worry about how to fit your furniture in the elevator and move it through tight hallways. Even if you get help from friends and family, they might not know the right way to maneuver these pieces.

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