4 Good Reasons to Downsize Your Belongings Before a Move

Look around your home—see if you can guess exactly how many items you have. If you are like the average American, you have roughly 300,000 items, which can be a lot to tackle when it’s time for a move. 

Even if going full-on minimalist is not your desire, doing a bit of downsizing before you move can bring along some considerable benefits. So let’s take a look at a few reasons to do a bit of trimming with your belongings before your household move

1. Less to move means less work.

On the most basic level, fewer items to move means less work involved for you. For example, if you have managed to accumulate a massive collection of coffee mugs, you will have to hand-handle every one of those mugs, wrap every one of those mugs, and then box and unbox every one of those mugs. The packing will be easier, less time-consuming, and less physically stressful by trimming down the excess. 

2. Save money on moving costs.

Moving companies determine their rates in different ways, based on your type of move. For example, some determine moving costs based on how much space your items require or how many loads must be hauled. Some companies even charge according to weight or number of boxes, while time involved may also be a factor. In any respect, having less to move would mean you would likely have a lower cost in the end. Not to mention, fewer belongings will mean fewer boxes and moving supplies to purchase. 

3. Less clutter can mean peace of mind. 

Psychology tells us that clutter is an excessive stimulus for the human brain. By downsizing, you are clearing some of the unnecessary clutter that may be clouding your peace of mind. Research shows that clutter:

  • Steals your focus from more important things 
  • Tells the brain there is more work that needs to be done 
  • Creates feelings of embarrassment or guilt 
  • Inhibits your ability to be productive 

When you are moving, you undoubtedly want to avoid all of these things associated with clutter. However, a lot of clutter can also mean you feel more comfortable about knowing where your items are and even stress less when transporting everything. 

4. Get a fresh start at the new place.

Sometimes, downsizing makes room for a fresh start. When most people move into a new home, they don’t necessarily want everything in their new place to be exactly the same as what they left behind. By getting rid of what you don’t necessarily need or want, you can more easily: 

  • Redesign and redecorate 
  • Organize your belongings and prevent clutter 
  • Feel less stress about keeping up with items you frequently lose 

A little paring down can make all the difference when you want a fresh start, which doesn’t have to be a complicated process. For instance, you can simply go through your shoes and clothing to make sure the closet at your new place is not overstuffed. Or, you could get rid of broken furniture pieces in your garage, so you will actually have room to park your car. 

Ready to Get Moving?

As you analyze your belongings and decide what can stay and go, be sure to reach out to a professional moving company in the process. You may find that a scheduled move or moving quote can motivate you to get rid of what you don’t need to take. Contact us for a free moving quote!