What to Look for When Hiring a Moving Company

Moving to a new home is a significant undertaking, and many people find it more cost-effective and efficient to hire a mover to help them relocate. Working with a professional can significantly simplify the moving process. If you’re looking to hire a moving company, we’ve got some tips on what to look for in a professional mover.

How Far Are You Moving?

When choosing a moving company, you should factor in the logistics of your move. Some movers are more suited for short distances, and others might specialize in long distances. Many specialize in both. Research moving companies in your area to see how they calculate their fees. For instance, for short-distance moves, a company may charge by the hour, which might make more sense if you’re simply moving across town. Long-distance moves would be less suited for hourly rates.

Does the Company Offer the Services You Need?

Movers generally offer similar services, but they often vary to some extent. When vetting out companies to obtain estimates, select ones that provide the services you need within your budget. Companies may be either full-service or partial-service. If you don’t need full-service, be sure the partial-service companies offer what you need.

Additionally, some moving companies offer flat rates, while others might provide custom moving packages. This detail is essential if your move will require unique services that are out of the ordinary. You want to ensure the company can accommodate your needs.

What are the Costs?

Plan to obtain at least three estimates when you search for a good mover. Let the company know exactly when and what you plan to move. Most movers are pleased to provide free quotes. Once you get your estimates, do a comparison to look at the specifics of each one. Are the rates and details of each line item transparent? If not, be sure to ask questions to clarify. Do the quotes have the services you need included? If you don’t see a service you need, ask. Many are happy to oblige.

Does the Company Come Recommended?

As you explore your options, check to see if the company has a positive reputation. Online reviews can be helpful, but you’ll also want to check the Better Business Bureau to determine if there are many concerns. Furthermore, ask family, friends, and colleagues about companies they’ve used. You can’t get a better recommendation than someone with experience with a specific mover in the area.

Does the Company Offer Binding or Non-Binding Estimates?

Moving companies typically provide two types of moving estimates: binding and non-binding. A binding estimate means that you’ll pay exactly what they quoted you originally as long as the inventory and other details you gave to the moving company remain the same. A non-binding estimate works a little differently. It’s a general estimate, but the final cost may not be the same on the day of your move. For many people, the type of quote is an important consideration.

Ready to Plan Your Upcoming Move?

Choosing a moving company isn’t always the easiest decision. We know you have your choice of movers. Contact us today to discuss your needs and to receive a free quote.