What to Expect on Your Moving Day

Moves can produce anxiety, especially for those who don’t move often. If you last made a household move a while ago, you may worry about the big day. However, you can alleviate anxiety by knowing what to expect on your moving day.

Moving Day

Here’s a typical moving day process.

The movers will let you know their arrival time a few days before moving day. On moving day, you’ll wake up early enough to have breakfast and put any last-minute items into your essentials box before that moving time. You’ll also want to allow time to put valuable items, such as family heirlooms, in your car with you.

If you have children or pets, you may wish to send them to a neighbor’s home while the loading and unloading of the truck is taking place. If you don’t have a neighbor or family member, consider hiring a babysitter. Also, prepare a moving day kit with activities to keep them occupied throughout the day.

  • The movers arrive on schedule. If you have any questions, you can ask the driver or your moving coordinator.
  • The movers will review the items you want to move, prepare a written inventory, and assign a number to each box or item.
  • The movers will group items and plan the order for moving them.
  • If movers are packing for you, they will do that on moving day.
  • They’ll then begin to load the moving van according to their plan. They have a strategy about how to load and pack the truck.
  • You’ll receive a bill of lading, which outlines the inventory, costs, and when your goods will arrive at your new home. Read it carefully before signing.
  • Movers will finish packing, close the truck door and depart for your new home.

Delivery Day

If your move is a local one, movers will deliver your goods to your new home the same day. If it is a long-distance move, delivery may be the next day or later. Here is a typical process that occurs on delivery day.

  • The mover will hand the written inventory list to you to check off each numbered item as they take them off the truck.
  • The movers will put each item in the room and place you designate.
  • Movers will assemble furniture as necessary.
  • Once they move the items into your new home, they will ask you to sign that everything is there.
  • You’ll pay the mover.
  • You move in the items you’ve brought in your personal car, including your essentials boxes.
  • If you’ve signed up for an unpacking service, the movers will unpack your items and put them where you indicate. If not, then you will begin unpacking, starting with priority items first. If you unpack yourself, ask your mover if they will pick up the debris once you’ve finished unpacking.
  • Once you’ve unpacked, sell your old boxes or give them to a friend or family mover who plans to move soon. Recycle or compost any other materials if you can.

Make the Day Easier

Moving day will flow more smoothly if you hire an experienced, professional mover. Contact us for a quote today.