What To Do Starting a Month Before Moving Day

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed as you prepare for your residential move. Packing before you leave and preparing your children for the change are just a few things you need to do. 

The number of tasks you have to complete can seem endless. Start using this list a month in advance to track what you need to do.

Get ready to leave your old home by following these tips.

4 Weeks Before the Move

Organize your house room by room, and decide what you’ll take with you and what you can donate. Next, arrange for the items you no longer need to be sold or donated. Consider holding a garage sale, selling online through apps, or donating to charities like Salvation Army.

Ensure you have the necessary packing materials, such as moving cartons, tape, labels, packing paper, and bubble wrap.

It is best to start by packing items that aren’t used as often, such as photo albums and books.

Make sure utilities are taken care of by setting up a cancellation date for your current services and getting a start date for services at your new house. Also, save any utility company phone numbers since you might need them in case of any service glitches.

3 Weeks Before the Move

Use the post office website to ensure your mail is forwarded to your new address so that you do not miss any correspondence. Finally, let the essential people in your life know you’re moving and give them your updated information. 

Make a meal plan. Identify what you need to use in your freezer and plan two weeks’ worth of meals. Since you will have your kitchen packed up before you move, you likely won’t make many meals in the last week before your move.

Maintain a good packing and labeling schedule. Designate time to pack and label daily, so your packing stays on track.

Pack your valuables and essential documents separately. Then, label this important document box and set it aside so you can take it in your car.

2 Weeks Before the Move

Check off everything you want to do in your neighborhood before your relocation. Make sure you include your children in your goodbyes.

Before you move into your new home, shampoo your rugs, so they are fresh, clean, and dry. 

Obtain a list of non-allowable items from your mover. For example, you can’t move flammables on the moving truck, so you must dispose of them properly. 

Make arrangements with your employer and speak with your child care providers or teachers about your children’s last day at school.

1 Week Before the Move

Prepare your overnight bag as if you were going on a two-week vacation. Pack as if you will not have access to anything in the moving truck when you arrive at your new home.

Confirm the date and time that the movers will arrive at your home on moving day.

Moving Day

Make sure you are prepared for the movers when they arrive. Tape and label every box if you’re packing yourself.

Stay available for the movers as they pack up your house.

Help with Your Move


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