Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services

Lawrence Moving offers a wide range of warehousing and storage services. There are four warehouse facilities across Virginia and North Carolina. Lawrence Moving’s warehouses are clean and secure. They also come equipped with fire protection and are under 24-hour surveillance.

Lawrence Moving offers commercial warehousing and storage services. The company also provides storage services for both commercial and residential moves.

Lawrence Moving’s warehouse and storage services include:

Warehousing and Logistics

  • Warehousing Distribution- Equipped with dock and drive-in doors, the warehouses can fulfill distribution and storage needs. Lawrence Moving handles all the logistics including packing, receiving, and shipping.
  • Storage- Lawrence Moving stores everything from office items, inventory, industrial machinery, and more. Lawrence Moving ensures items are safe and secure and in the exact condition left.
  • Pick & Pack Fulfillment- Lawrence Moving’s order fulfillment services include storage for inventory, order processing, and trained staff to pick and pack orders.

Commercial and Residential Storage

  • Storage- Lawrence Moving offers both short and long-term storage. Lawrence Moving ensures items are received at the facility and make it to their destination.
  • Specialty Goods- Climate controlled warehouses provide secure storage for items such as:
    • Fine Wine
    • Artwork
    • Computer Hardware
    • Data Storage
  • Military Approved- Lawrence Moving offers permanent storage options for military families who deploy overseas.

Bringing every item with you during a move isn’t always possible. That’s why it’s essential to have a trusted and safe place to store your belongings. Lawrence Moving delivers items in the same condition they arrived in. With a talented team and in-depth logistics process, you can rest easy. Trust Lawrence Moving with all your warehousing and storage needs. For more information, visit the Lawrence Moving website.