Top 9 Tips for Decluttering Before a Relocation

Moving brings opportunities for decluttering and downsizing. This can simplify your move because you’ll have less to pack and unpack. It also helps you save money.

However, some people find downsizing to be challenging. Here are a few tips to make the task easier.

1. Start Early

Downsizing is a process. If you go through your belongings slowly, downsizing will be less stressful. Develop a schedule and declutter one drawer or section of a closet daily.

If you are downsizing with children, remember that they may need more time and patience to part with their possessions. Talk to them about the excitement of moving and what they’ll gain to help them understand why they are decluttering.

2. Use a System

Using a system can help you stay organized. Two popular systems are the Four Container Method (trash, sell/give away, store, put away) and the KonMari Method (keeping only those items that speak to your heart.) Of course, you can also develop your own system if it keeps you organized and sufficiently trims your possessions.

If you have trouble parting with items, use an outbox. Put things in an outbox for a week or two. If you do not think about them, then they are good candidates for giving away or selling.

3. Remember the 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule says that we use only 20 percent of our items 80 percent of the time. You can apply the rule anytime you have multiple copies of the same things—for example, six little black dresses or three evening purses. Choose the one you use the most and give away or sell the rest.

4. Move Items

Move everything out of the area you want to declutter first. Moving the items shows how your closet or drawer will look when you pare down your possessions. The vision can remind you how decluttering simplifies your life as you work.

5. Make Decluttering a Way of Life

Once you move into your new home, you can avoid clutter by going through each drawer, closet, and cabinet every three months using your preferred system.

6. Measure

As soon as you know the location of your new home, take measurements so you’ll know what you can take with you. If the new space is smaller, consider adding storage through floor-to-ceiling units, furniture with hidden storage, or new shelves or closets. If you still cannot part with enough possessions, consider storing those things you seldom use or clothes out of season.

7. Keep Your Favorite Sentimental Items

Everyone has some items with little practical value but immense sentimental value, such as scrapbooks or collections. Review these items and keep those that mean the most to you.

Give the rest to the family, so you can still enjoy them during the holidays. You can also snap photos of the items you give away and view them whenever possible.

8. Focus on the Positive

If you still find decluttering challenging, try shifting your focus away from what you’re giving up. Instead, concentrate on your move’s positive aspects, such as a city location, lower utility bills, or an easier-to-maintain home.

9. Contact a Professional

As experienced professional full-service movers, we can provide additional suggestions for decluttering and preparing for your move. Contact us today.