Top 10 Thing You Need to Know About Moving Day

Top 10 things you need to know about moving day

Moving day is an intense, busy day that most of us dread. Let us shed a little light on the things that will make it easier for you.


It may seem like common knowledge to schedule any appointments well apart, but many first-time moving clients don’t seem to realize how long they should leave. If the movers give you an estimate of three hours, always plan for four to five hours. Things come up. Sometimes pieces of furniture take longer to move than assumed. Give your movers time to work before your ISP arrives to turn off your service.

Packing Plan

Go over your packing plan with your movers prior to the job beginning. Make certain that they know the plan for delicate items and belongings that you can’t replace. Most moving companies are happy to do this. Not only does this reassure the customer (you), but it helps them make sure that they have every piece of moving equipment that they should.

Luggage Plan

Have your luggage stowed and ready to go. You don’t want the movers to accidentally pick it up, so put it somewhere safe. We have an article about this right here if you need some helpful tips on where to hide items you don’t wish to have packed. Go over this plan with all other members of the family.

Pets and Kids

No matter how well-behaved, kids and pets often make moving day that much harder for everyone involved. Let’s be honest. Even the best mover can’t dodge kids or dogs on stairs as they move tons of heavy boxes from one floor to the next. Try to keep your kids and pets occupied with quiet, involved toys like puzzles.

An Empty House

The roof over your head is no longer your home, and that can cause quite the array of emotions. When the walls sound hollow and your halls are empty, what do you do? Remember to keep paper plates and plastic utensils for supper that night or be ready to phone in pizza delivery.

Moving On

You wave goodbye to your old abode in the rearview mirror. It’s time to head out to the next chapter of your life. You promptly forget your paperwork in the old house and have to drive back. Be certain that you keep your moving list on you at all times. It’s the only way to verify that the shipment is yours.

Hotels and Other Rentals

Keep reservation numbers with you at all times, too. Yes, we live in a world where all things are available at our fingertips. Our phones are always with us. That doesn’t mean you’ll always have service or that a sudden service issue may not occur. Better to have those numbers as hard copies, too.

Truck Troubles

You live on a large farm, but you’re downgrading to a small, urban home. The moving truck had no trouble visiting your country home, but your new city location presents a challenge. When you discover an issue like this, get in contact with your moving company. They may be able to break up your shipment so it arrives in several smaller vehicles that will be simpler to park and far easier for neighbors to maneuver around.


Along with #8, be certain that your movers don’t require permits for your parking area prior to their arrival. This is very likely to be your responsibility.

It Will Be Okay

Moving is a stressful, exhausting event that requires patience on the part of everyone involved. Don’t worry. Your movers will get you home again very soon.