Tips On Moving Your Start-Up

Tips on Moving Your Start-Up

With all the hope and confidence in the world, you started a company. And guess what? It’s doing very well! It’s time to move your start-up to the next phase of your business plan, but how do you do that? Between finding somewhere to lease, finding your ideal moving company, and trying to keep your income steady throughout this transition, you’re under a lot of stress. Your moving company can help abate that.

Using Your Start-Up Grants Wisely

Most start-ups have grants to get them off the ground. If not, you likely have some form of crowdfunding cash in your back pocket. Whether your money comes from Kickstarter or a veteran grant, you need to spend this cash wisely to improve your business functions. We aren’t a business firm, so we won’t give you an outline of how to spend.

However, you should shop comparatively for the best rate you can find for your moving venture. This means being upfront and honest with your call. If you have a company on hold on the other line that can do the move for significantly less, ask if the company you’re speaking with can do the same. You don’t want to turn it into a bidding war, but there’s never anything wrong with asking for price matching. If the company can’t do it, it will likely explain why–and that may save you a headache in the end. Not all moving companies are created equal, after all.

Moving Day Parade

When the big day comes, be ready for it. This means all your files are backed up (we’ll talk about that a little later on), everything is clean, and your employees are ready to help label boxes with their belongings for easier distribution during delivery. This sounds easy, but moving is generally a pretty chaotic environment. We strongly recommend prepping your staff with easy-to-follow directions the day prior to moving day.

This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and ready to help out.

What a Moving Company Can Do for You After the Move

We all know that a commercial moving company will save you time, effort, and money by moving your belongings from one location to another. It may even offer storage facilities to use if the client needs a little time to get set up in his or her new business. That doesn’t mean that the moving company’s job ends at delivery.

Many moving companies offer unpacking and organizational services. This often means that the company will remove all packing equipment from the premises as well as unboxing your belongings. This could save you days, or even weeks, of unpacking and slow profit days when you’re moving your office. Check with your moving company to see if it offers this service because it could be very worth the small, additional fee.

Data Banking

If your company is moving massive amounts of data throughout your commercial move, we strongly recommend using a moving service that offers data backup. These data-banking services will keep your files, intellectual property, and everything else digital in a safe, secure environment. You may have backup storage of your own, but it’s likely to need to be moved in the same manner as your standard storage equipment.

Third-party data banking can save you the headache. It also allows you access while your backups and original hard drives are in boxes within a warehouse somewhere. You usually have the option for online or cloud storage or for offline storage for more personal or privatized data that cannot be shared outside the business.