Tips on How to Get Settled in a New Town

Millions of Americans move to new cities or towns each year. If you are planning a household move to a new city, you are not alone.

Relocating to an entirely new town can be a bit intimidating. The thought of not knowing anyone and not having a clue as to where everything is located can be a bit overwhelming. Relocating should be an exciting time, and there are several things you can do to ease your stress when settling in a new town.


Before adding the pressure of getting to know your new town, take the time to completely unpack and make your home feel like a comfortable sanctuary. Knowing you have a safe place to go after a day of exploring can ease some stress associated with being in a new town. If you have outdoor space, turn it into a place you can escape to and read a book or relax and enjoy the weather.

Research Things to Do

Before moving to your new town, sit down and start researching the many things to do. Start making a list of all the fun things you will do in your new city, and don’t forget to include some mini-trips in towns within an hour or so away. This list gives you something to look forward to, and when you go out exploring, you quickly learn the layout of your new hometown.

Say Yes

As you meet people in your new town, opportunities to go out will come up. Say “yes” to going out as much as possible. Even if you go to a local pub to listen to a band or hang out at the town’s summer party event, you will discover new friends as you learn how to say “yes” to opportunities to get out of the house.

Tap into the Chamber of Commerce

Check out your new town’s Chamber of Commerce to pick up additional information about your new hometown. Many have brochures with things to do in the area and welcome packets for new residents. Have questions ready and ask to speak to someone who can give you more information about places to go, things to do, and other activities to help get you settled.

Speak Up

When dining out or shopping at the grocery store, speak up and ask questions about the area. See what others recommend you do. Speaking with current town residents could open doors to meeting new people and provide you with valuable information about things you can do.

Join a Club

Search and see what types of clubs are available in your new area. Find something you enjoy doing, such as reading, sports, crafting, hiking, etc., and seeing a club for it in your area. The town hall, park district, Chamber of Commerce, or local library may have information about various clubs or meetings available for you to attend.

Moving and Settling In

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