Tips for Moving from a Small Town to a Big City

Moving to a big city can be quite a cultural change for someone who has spent most of their life in a small town. Here are some tips on what to expect when you make your household move.

Resist the Urge to Drive Everywhere

Traffic is often challenging in the city, and a 10-minute errand quickly could turn into an hour-long excursion. Then, when you arrive at your destination, you may not find a place to park. Consider walking or taking public transportation instead.

Shrink the City 

If you try to learn all about your new city at once, you may be overwhelmed. Instead, start by concentrating on your neighborhood. Walk along the streets nearest you and find your local dry cleaners, pharmacy, and coffee shop. Visit local eateries near your job or home and if you can, make friends with the waiters and owners.

Adjust to a Higher Cost of Living

Living costs are generally more expensive in big cities than smaller towns, particularly when considering housing costs. Often, however, salaries are higher in the city, as well. Therefore, if you are interviewing for a position in a large city, research the local pay rate ahead of time to negotiate a fair wage.

Rely on Connections

Once you decide to move to a large city, check with your current network to see whether they know anyone in your new city and might be willing to introduce you. Also, check with your network and research the Internet to determine which neighborhoods best fit your lifestyle and budget.

Learn New Etiquette Rules

In cities, you live and interact with people in a confined space. Therefore, the rules are different from those in small towns. For example, check the rules before eating on public transportation. If food is allowed, be courteous and mindful of what you are eating.

Also, respect others’ personal space; don’t try to get in front of people who stand close to the elevator doors and don’t try to enter revolving doors with another person. Also, let people out of elevators and commuter train cars before boarding.

Take Advantage of the Many Activities

Big cities have a variety of clubs, volunteer opportunities, and entertainment.  Use them as an opportunity to unwind and to make friends who share your interests.

Also, use the opportunity to try something you’ve always wanted to do but may not have gotten around to in your old town. The odds are your new city will have a group dedicated to the new pastime.

If you can afford it, sample the different ethnic cuisines, starting with your neighborhood and expanding out to other areas of the city. Something you’ve never eaten before may become your new favorite food.

Stay Safe

You may be able to get away with not locking your door or leaving a key under the mat in your small town, but the city is a little different. So always lock your doors and consider investing in a home security system. 

Learn other ways to protect yourself and your personal property. For example, keep bags zipped and challenging for others to access, and don’t leave items visible in your locked car. Consider learning basic self-defense moves.

Moving Assistance

Moving from a small town to a larger city might require an open mind to explore new ideas and try new things. Making these adjustments will make you feel at home quickly. Moving to a bigger city isn’t really that much different from relocating anywhere else. But, the reality is it might open up your opportunity for a new adventure.

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