The Simplest Way to Divide a Household When You and a Roommate Move Out

Living with a roommate can help you save money on rent and utilities since you can split these costs equally. However, whether you are childhood friends, college friends, or met online, one of you will eventually move out

Roommates that live together for a long time automatically become communal owners of many everyday items. Having so much shared property makes things just as complicated when you decide to separate and move on to your new places as when you divorce.

The two of you will have to decide who gets what on your own before moving. Getting through the household division process with your roommate or roommates when you move out can be challenging. Here are some tips to help.

Start the property division process as soon as possible.

You must initiate property division as soon as possible. Long-term living partners often struggle to remember who purchased what and owns what items. Plan a few days before moving to sort through things, decide who takes what, and start packing.

Contact professional movers early and explain the situation to them.

Moving two people from the same house creates a unique service call for movers. There is a good chance that you will need two moving trucks to transport belongings to two different places.

Some moving companies will split up the service call; they will take one person’s belongings one day and another person’s the next. However, it is crucial to let the moving company know ahead of time if the move must occur on the same day.

Sell furniture that you jointly own.

When two people live together, they often invest in certain pieces of furniture together. Before moving day, you must decide what happens to items purchased together, such as a couch or TV.

Sometimes, it might be simpler just to liquidate the items before you move rather than buying out the other person’s ownership. Determine what furniture needs to be sold and take steps to dispose of these items as soon as possible.

Label each person’s box clearly, according to their name.

Clearly label everything before the movers arrive. Use two different colors of packing tape, markers, and labels so you can distinguish everyone’s belongings on moving day. Color-code the labels and include the owner’s name, contents description, and the room where the movers should place the boxes upon arrival at the new homes.

Hire Professional Mover to Simplify Your Move

Dividing a joint residence is a little more tedious and time-consuming than splitting up a single home. Professional movers can make a significant difference when it comes to moving. Contact us for a free moving quote.