Selecting a Moving Company

Selecting a Moving Company

Hiring a moving company may not seem like something that needs thorough researching. Wrong, it’s essential to have a trusted company when handing off your belongings. You want to be sure that items get transferred safe and secure. That’s why when researching for a moving company, you should think twice about choosing the first one. Many factors need considering when selecting a moving company. For peace of mind and pocket, we’re here to help you narrow down which company is right for you with a few easy tips.

Ask For Recommendations

Your first inclination may be to search online for local moving companies. Consider first asking your family and friends. They’ll be able to recommend companies that they’ve had firsthand experience with. Once you’ve gathered a few ideas, you can dive deeper into your research on their websites.

Check For License and Insurance

Now that you’ve got a list of possible movers, how do you decide which to go with? You can strike a few off of your list by checking to make sure each company is licensed and insured. Never hire a mover that does not have the proper license or insurance to protect belongings. You can check a mover’s license and insurance at

Check For Credentials

Start by check for any credentials that can set a moving company apart from the rest. For example, Lawrence Moving & Storage is an AMSA Certified ProMover. This provides you with a host of guarantees. Minimum training requirements, background checks on all movers, and an agreement to hold up the American Moving & Storage Association’s ethical standards. It also guarantees a Satisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Once you’ve made your list, marked off companies that don’t meet quality licensing, insurance, or ProMover standards, you’ll have a list of quality moving companies. At this point, it’s wise to request many quotes to ensure that you’re getting the best value possible on your move.

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