Specialty Moving Services

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Specialty Moving Services

We offer a wide variety of moving services for customers who have items that need special handling. We have the tools and resources needed to move unique items such as artwork, pianos, large statues, mounted wildlife, and even automobiles. We have all the tools to make sure your items are moved with the utmost care. A few of the moving services we offer include; blanket wrapping furniture, custom crating, and appliance and large item service and assembly.

A mover is taping up a box.


We understand how important your personal belongings are to you. Our movers will professionally pack any item with high-quality materials and the utmost of care.

Two movers are carrying a padded piece of furniture out of a house.

Blanket Wrapping

To protect your furniture, our movers will wrap all the non-fragile items and furniture with (72"x 82") quilted pads to prevent damage during moving.

A man in a suit discusses with a mover in a warehouse with crates in the background.

Custom Crating

We can build custom crates to house large valuable items such as fine art, antiques at a more affordable rate than third-party contractors.

Two movers move a refrigerator out of a kitchen with a dolly.

Appliance or Large Item Service

We will disconnect and reconnect your standard appliances: ice maker, refrigerator, washer and dryer for you and make sure they are in working order.

Two movers move a stove off of the wall.

Dissemble or Reassemble

We’ll take furniture and large items apart for easy moving, and then reassemble them for you.