Pro Tips for Packing Up Like a True Minimalist to Transition to a Less Materialistic Life

Moving to a new home and downsizing can be a rewarding experience. Fewer belongings can mean less to clean, keep up with, and worry about, which is why so many initially opt for a minimalist lifestyle. Most people deciding to unload and move to a smaller place don’t know that a minimalistic lifestyle may bring about actual benefits psychologically.

As you prepare to make big steps to a smaller home during a move, packing like a true minimalist can give you a jump start to your new simpler life. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Weed out the broken items.

As humans, we tend to hang onto items that seem valuable even if they are not perfectly functional. Things like chipped coffee mugs in the kitchen, project furniture pieces stuffed in the garage, and clothing in need of a bit of mending are items to discard. If these types of dysfunctional things have been in your possession, untouched, for quite some time, letting them go is likely safe.

2. Narrow down the multiples.

Multiples show up in a lot of different forms throughout the house. A few examples would be:

  • Multiple sets of dishes even though you only use one set
  • Duplicate kitchen utensils that never get used
  • Double sets of similar shoes or articles of clothing
  • Multiples of the same tools in the garage

In most cases, you can substantially trim down your collection of stuff before your move just by pulling out items you don’t necessarily need multiples of and donating those items.

3. Sift through your wardrobe with discernment.

How many clothes do you need to get you through each type of occasion? Do you have clothing stuffed in your closet that you haven’t worn in a year or more? 

The closet contents are one of the primary things to scale down when you are working on downsizing. According to some fashion experts, stylish individuals often have very few clothes. You can create many new looks by merely pairing different pieces together and using accessories. As an adage, consider your shoes during your closet cleanout—what do you wear, and which shoes could you live without?

4. Decide which knickknacks are must-keeps.

Consider trimming down the number of glass figurines, decorative vases, and all those odds and ends pieces you have. Go through each of your knickknacks before you start packing. Determine if the item truly has some kind of value or if it could be easy enough to let go. Pay careful attention to what you are hanging onto because you like the item and what you are hanging onto because you feel obligated to keep it.

Simplify Your Downsizing Plan with Professional Movers

Letting go of all the added belongings will surely make your moving process much easier to handle. Along the way, be sure to reach out to us for a free estimate for your move. Our professional movers can get you and your minimized collection of belongings into your smaller home efficiently.