Office Moving Timeline: Preparing Your Team for a New Space

If you’re getting ready to move your team to a new space, it can be tough to balance staying on top of your daily to-do lists with getting prepared to move into your new office. Here, we’ll break down everything you need to know about getting your team ready to transition into their new workplace.

Six Months Before Moving Day

As soon as possible, tell your employees you will be moving to a new space. This gives your staff plenty of time to purge their area of unnecessary items, saving you time and money during the move.

You’ll also want to talk with your employees about the new office configuration if information about the space is available. Letting employees know as much as possible about their new area can help make the transition easier. This can help your employees know how much they’ll be able to bring with them and whether they need to downsize any of their materials to fit into their new area.

Three Months Before Moving Day

At this point, it’s a smart move to nail down the logistics of your future moving day. First, contact your moving company to confirm your move date. Next, reach out to your customers and vendors to notify them of your new address (this can be a great time to promote a new special or product).

You’ll also need to measure your current furniture to see whether it will fit into your new space. Order new office furniture if you need to do so.

One Month Before Moving Day

About 30 days before moving day, it’s time to start packing up the office. Decide what you’ll need right away in your new space and what you can store for a later time. Be sure to get employee input on this if you’re not a part of day-to-day office tasks.

Be sure to call your local internet company so that they can set up wireless internet in your new space.

Week Of The Move

Expect your employees to feel some stress as moving day approaches. If feasible, you may want to ask your employees if they’d prefer to work from home as the relocation takes place.

Keep employees aware of every step of the moving process and know when their new workspaces will be ready. Work to ensure that the new space is fully prepared before employees come into work.

Know that it will take your employees some time to adjust to their new spaces, and expect a dip in productivity. It’s normal for employees to have some anxiety searching for misplaced items, keeping up with their workload, and getting organized in their new area.

You Have Enough On Your Plate. We Can Help Make Moving Easier.

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