Moving Your Business? List of What to Update

If your business is relocating, you have many challenges ahead. 

Changing your corporate address can be tricky because you need to notify new and current clients, stakeholders, and agencies before relocation.

It’s essential to update your address in all the appropriate locations to avoid potential miscommunications and mishaps that could cause problems for your business or clients. 

US Postal Service

Notify your local mail carrier about your address change. Go to the local post office or handle an address change online. Tell them the forwarding mailing address and the date you want to initiate your postal service at the new address. 

Online Address

Update your website with your new address and phone number. Check all pages of your website for contact information. Post a notice on your webpage that your address has changed. Make the message large enough that customers will see it.

Business Cards

Old business cards can hang around for a long time after relocation. Make your new business cards easily distinguished from the old business cards to avoid accidentally giving away an old business card with an old address.


Update your address with vendors who make deliveries to your place of business or send bills or checks to your address. Get confirmations from your vendors that they have your new address to avoid problems once the relocation has occurred. Remember to give your vendors a move date, so they’ll know when to start using your new address.

Update Marketing Pieces

Update your marketing materials. If your company uses an advertising agency, this task should be straightforward. If your business is responsible for your own marketing, create a committee of internal people to identify all the potential marketing materials that need to be changed.

Share It On Social Media

Social media is a fantastic way to get the word out. Post an update to your social media pages that your address is changing. Update your profile with your new address and phone number. If your business has a profile on online websites that allow clients to post reviews, update your business profile with these pages.

Tell the Government

If your business operates with a special license, has a registration at your Secretary of State office, or makes payments to government agencies, contact each agency specifically to update your information. In addition, you may need to file paperwork to update your address. Give yourself sufficient time to complete this work, as filing paperwork with government agencies can sometimes take time.

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