Moving Timeline

Moving Timeline

A move doesn’t happen in a few days. In fact, it’s recommended to start preparing at least two months ahead of the move date, if possible. As moving day approaches, there are a few things to expect and do to prepare. Following these helpful tasks will help you get ahead when the move is a month or two away.

Get Several Quotes

Hiring a moving company may not seem like something that needs thorough researching, but when handing off nearly all personal belongings to a group of strangers to care for and transport them safely and securely, think twice about choosing the first or least expensive company on your list.

No two moving companies are the same. They offer different packages, services, and pricing structures and sometimes vary in quality or thoroughness of service. It’s recommended to get at least three quotes before choosing the best mover. Most moving companies will provide you with a free quote for their services as well as a complimentary copy of “Your Right and Responsibilities When You Move.” If a company is not willing to provide a free quote, cross them off your list.

Familiarize Yourself With “Your Rights and Responsibilities”

When receiving an estimate, a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities” should be given, too. This document is required by the federal government and informs the movers of their rights, as well as those of the moving company. It is also helpful for explaining some of the moving “lingo” that you may encounter throughout the relocation process.

Choose A Mover and Book Your Move

Once an quote is received, compare and select the moving company that best suits your needs and budget. After notifying the company, they will provide you with a copy of a quote to sign, as well as an official booking document. Once signed, the move is on the books, and a Move Coordinator will be in touch with you shortly. A Move Coordinator is the point of contact for any issues, questions, or concerns surrounding the move.

Now, it’s a matter of packing and organizing all items for the move day. When you leave your valued household possessions in the hands of the trained professionals at Lawrence Moving, you receive a guaranteed level of expertise and care, unmatched in the industry. The Move Coordinators will help you through the entire move process and will answer any questions that come up. Visit the Lawrence Moving website and receive a free moving estimate or contact our office at 800-366-9626 to get your move started.