Moving Senior Citizens

Moving Senior Citizens

Moving senior citizens has many unique challenges. Senior Citizens need professionals they can rely on to make this stressful task less daunting. Seniors should take time to educate themselves on moving and look for reputable companies. Senior Citizens will want to interview potential companies in person and ask detailed questions. Here are some questions to consider:

  • “Tell me more about your company. What kind of training do your movers receive?”
  • “Are the crew members background checked?”
  • “Should there be a claim, what is your claims process like?” “What types of coverage options do you offer?”
  • “When I get to my new home, how will my household items be handled? Will the crew place furniture and boxes in places of my choosing? Will they reassemble any of my larger items such as beds?”
  • “Do you offer any services such as packing and unpacking?”
  • “How does your pricing work? Will my estimate be a bound price or could it change?”

Comparing the answers to these questions can help you analyze companies and identify potential issues. Other aspects to consider are services such as packing and unpacking. Most major Van Lines offer these services. Lawrence Moving has a service provider that will unpack, organize, clean and have your home move-in ready in a day or so.

Many seniors will be downsizing when they make a move. When interviewing companies, be sure to inquire about referrals. Most companies know service providers who can help with downsizing efforts. They will pick items up from your home or service providers that specialize in estate sales and auctions.

Taking time to become knowledgeable about the moving industry will help provide peace of mind to seniors and their families. Moving can be an enjoyable transition if handled by professionals who are caring, compassionate, and understand the needs of their customers. Lawrence Moving guarantees to provide the most reliable moving services. To find out more about Lawrence Moving’s moving services, visit our moving website.