How to Switch Personal Services During a Move

Moving Personal Services

Your move is ready, everything is on the books, and you’re ready to go. Then, you realize that you haven’t prepared for the smaller, less glaring details of moving personal services. These details, though small, can be daunting.

Below are some helpful tips and reminders along the way:

Two Months Before Moving

  • Hang onto any bills you receive. You’ll have phone numbers and account numbers on hand to contact providers when ready to cancel services or transfer services.
  • Contact your current doctors, dentists, and any other healthcare providers to get referrals. You can search online for providers, or check with your insurance plan for referrals.
  • Do some online research in your new area. Check with your property manager to see if there are any rules associated with moving into your new house. See about items that are required for moving in such as, parking permits, elevator reservations, or any other items.

One Month Before Moving

Prepare a list of services that you will need to transfer to your new area. Make a folder to keep all this information together. Write out your account numbers and phone numbers to make it easier for yourself. Below is a list of items to consider:

  • Gas/Electric
  • Telephone (home/cell
  • Internet Service
  • Cable TV/Satellite service
  • Water
  • Garbage pickup and Recycling
  • Bank
  • Insurance – home, renters, auto, etc.
  • Local City/County Government – auto registration and auto license
  • Post Office – address change
  • Voter Registration

Two to Three Weeks Before Moving

Contact your utility providers to set up a date to cancel your current service. Contact your new providers to set up a time for your new service to begin. Be sure to provide your new address in case you will have a refund for canceling services before the end of the billing cycle. For those providers you’ll be keeping, you’ll need to make an address change for billing. Do some research in your new area to locate places you will need to know right away. If you have a phone book for your current area, take it with you so that you will have local numbers if you need them. Make sure to keep all your utilities on for move day. The movers will need electricity and water while they are at your house.

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