Moving Day

What to Expect on Moving Day

Moving Day is hectic with the stress of packing and loading. For the first-time movers, there can be a lot of anxiety due to not knowing what to expect. Still, there is the excitement of the new opportunities ahead. Lawrence Moving tries to make every moving day stress free. Here is what you should expect on your moving day.


When Lawrence Moving’s Movers first arrive, they will introduce themselves. The movers will take a tour of the home to inspect all items. It is important to inform the movers of things that are fragile or of high value. Doing so will ensure that fragile items get appropriately transported.


The next step will be for the movers to prep the house. Lawrence Moving’s Movers will put floor coverings down as well as protect all doorways and railings. The extra protection will ensure there is no damage done to the house. The Movers will do an inventory of your belongings. That way you will have the assurance you received everything upon delivery.


Now that the introductions have finished, the Lawrence Moving team packs all belongings. They will begin by disassembling items that are not moveable. Lawrence Moving’s movers shrink-wrap and blanket-wrap upholstered pieces to ensure safe travels. Lawrence Moving’s team will ensure that all things arrive in the condition packed.


After prepping everything for the move, the loading process will begin. Once finishing loading everything on the truck, the final steps are the paperwork. The customer will sign the inventory sheet and the High-Value sheet if applicable. Once all items are on the truck, the team will do a final walk-through.

The biggest thing homeowners can do to ensure things go as smooth as possible on moving day is to ask questions. Lawrence Moving will answer any question at every step of the process. From the first call to moving day. Lawrence Moving provides the same quality service since starting in 1932. For more information on Lawrence Moving’s services, visit our moving website.