Moving Costs

Moving Costs

Moving costs are never a fun topic. Prices take what should be an exciting experience and turn it into a, “can we afford this experience.” With so much industry terminology, it can be difficult to know what affects the cost of a move.

It’s important to know the terminology so that you can get the best cost for your move. That way, when moving day arrives, there are no surprise fees. Read about what goes into the cost of a move, so all you need to worry about is getting to your destination.

Binding/ Nonbinding

Two terms that are common from a coordinator are binding and nonbinding. A binding quote is a consistent one. The price won’t change from the quote. A nonbinding quote is based only off what is being moved.

What Goes into the Cost

After you understand what type of quote you received, it’s important to know what goes into the quote. There are many factors such as local versus intrastate, fuel costs, season, and more that can make a cost change.

  • Local Move prices are determined off time and are dependent on how many movers are necessary.
  • Intrastate Moves are based off the total weight that is being moved. This will also vary depending on distance, day of the week, and whether it’s peak season (May-September).
  • Fuel costs are dependent on the areas you are moving to and from and are determined by a third party.
  • Seasons and holidays increase the cost of moving due to the high volume of moves taking place.

Every company has a weight minimum. The minimum will require that you pay the weight cost, whether you are under or above. There are many other factors such as third-party services, shuttles, storage, and vehicle transportation that affect the move cost. No matter what the cost of your move, it’s essential to have protection.


Insurance is a great purchase to ensure you have coverage in case of damage. Most moving companies will have a standard insurance that is included. It covers sixty cents per pound. Extra coverage can be purchased to protect your items. The cost of supplemental insurance is one percent of the value of the good your moving.

Moving can be overwhelming, and we know that at Lawrence Moving. That’s why we provide transparency. We’ll help you choose the best options for your move so that not only do you get the best price, but also the best service. To get started today, visit our website to get a free estimate, and let our team help you with the rest.