Moving 101: Request Special Packaging

Moving 101: Requesting Special Packaging

Requesting special packaging on certain items is an old hat for most moving companies. Keep in mind, these companies move everything from evening wear to elephant statues. If you have a special request, speak to the company directly. Here are some items you may consider requesting special assistance with when moving.

Fragile Belongings

Though your moving company will take the utmost care in moving your fragile belongings, you may decide to request additional packaging. Mirrors and knick-knacks often don’t require such careful handling. Despite these items being relatively breakable, they hold up very well once wrapped in paper or bubble wrap and placed in tight-fitting boxes.

However, very delicate electronics may need packaging to remove static electricity. Artwork may require certain types of foam or packaging, depending on the exact chemical makeup of the art itself. For instance, it is a poor idea to store oil paintings in padded paper wrap. Why? The padding can accommodate a certain level of moisture if the box becomes warm. This means that the condensation from the painting may settle in the padding protecting it. This can easily destroy a beloved painting. Instead, ask for wooden casing around priceless artwork and then allow the moving team to wrap it.

Other fragile considerations, such as special mementos from your children, can be packed in foam boxes and shipped as you desire.

Strangely Shaped Items

Surfboards and children’s wagons can be hard to fit, but nowhere near as difficult as your pentagon-shaped coffee table with 3-inch wheels beneath it. Our first recommendation is to bring the moving company out to look at whatever odd-shaped item you’re concerned about. In most cases, it’s something that they will have dealt with before. L-shaped office desks are plentiful and usually come apart with little effort. But your 15-by-9 circular bed that’s an all-in-one headboard, footboard, and railings? That’s going to be a whole different story.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t move these items. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Movers are very willful people. They’re here to get the job done, no matter what it takes, However, if they have prior notice of an odd shipment, it makes it that much easier for you and for them. Special packaging will depend upon the exact item. If you have a large circular aquarium with a huge square stand, you’ll want this wrapped with packing blankets. That changes if you’re moving a large, single-piece canopy queen bed. Speak to the company.

Other Concerns

When moving, you may have few options regarding your travel preparations. This may mean that your grandmother’s ashes could end up with your personal belongings rather than in your carry-on luggage. And that’s okay! Movers know how to move delicate items, too.

Though some companies avoid moving items like pianos or the remains of family members, most will do their best to suit what their client needs to have moved. And they’ll do it the best way possible to maximize both the client’s budget and their schedule. This does mean that you must be honest in the contents of your home or office.

The best way to do this is to schedule an inspection with a moving agent. Once you’ve picked your moving company, invite them over to see what they’ll be dealing with. Heavy filing cabinets may need specific boxing, or the company may need to bring tools to take apart your belongings for easier, safer transport. If they know this ahead of time, it makes the move much easier for you and for them.