Moving In the Military

Moving In the Military

One reality that military families are accustomed to is moving. It seems that moving is part of the job description. People always hear the stories of the interesting (or not so) places that service men and women have lived in their lifetime. With all the moving that the military requires, one would think it would be down to a science. However, there are almost always problems that may come up.

An example of some things that may cause problems are; the distance, the surprise of a new location, moving to an unfamiliar country, and the logistics of the move. Service men and women may also have items in their homes that they may not be able to take with them overseas. The move may also be temporary, and the decision must be made on where to store items.

Here are some tips for making a Military Move simpler:

Plan and Make a Timeline

In the military, moves are rarely planned. It’s important to immediately get in touch with moving companies for moving quotes and availability. It’s suggested to start getting quotes two months before the move. From there, choose which items can make a move and which will need storage or other forms of transportation. The Move Coordinators at Lawrence Moving will help with answering all these questions and make the logistics of the move simple.

Get Tips

The military offers many resources for making Military Moves easier. From buying and renting a home, searching for jobs for the spouse, to tips on coping with the stress of the move. The military provides many websites with information on these topics. Being in the military also connects you with other military personnel. They can provide personal experiences and tips when it comes to moving.

Moving with Kids

For Military kids, moving around is common too, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always easy. When you first find out about the move, communicate with your kids every step of the way. It’s also important to keep the kids involved through the entire moving process. Finally, take time to get them adjusted to their new location. Further tips for moving with kids are on our blog, “Moving with Kids.”

Stay in Touch

With all the traveling that comes with the military, it’s hard to be away from family and friends. That’s why it’s important to stay in touch as much as possible and take advantage of the opportunities to be with family and friends.


Before making a move, decide on what must go along. From there, decide what else there is room for, what needs to go into storage, or what can be sold to make more space and a little money. Plus, with the addition of Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and other selling sites, getting rid of items and receiving cash has never been easier.

Lawrence Moving provides full-service moving and storage to accommodate military-related moves. Whether it is moving overseas or to a different base across the country, Lawrence Moving will get you there. Lawrence Moving also provides long-term and short-term storage for cherished items that cannot make the trip.

Lawrence Moving understands the sacrifice that comes with being in the military. That’s why they make the moving process as simple as possible. From start to finish, you will work with a personal Move Coordinator who will answer all your questions throughout the process. To find out more about the moving process and get a free moving estimate for your move, visit the Lawrence Moving website. To our military personnel, we thank you for your service and sacrifice.