How to Prepare for Weather on Moving Day

How Weather Can Affect Your Move

When it comes to moving, many factors must go right for everything to be seamless. Weather plays a significant role in the timeliness and success of a move. If not adequately prepared, bad weather can increase the risk of the move and the price. That’s why it’s important to be ready when bad weather is approaching.


Each move is unique as far as what you are shipping, when you’re moving, and where you are relocating. Add weather to the mix, and even the most well-intended loading and delivering plans get sidelined. Mudslides, snow, ice, wind, rain, fog, and wrecks can mean that the drivers must take alternate routes. In some cases, they may even be forced to shut down because the driving conditions are too dangerous. Depending on the severity of the weather, this could result in a delay of several days from the scheduled pick-up or delivery dates.

How You Can Help

Another issue to remember is that the responsibility for shoveling a snowy driveway or sidewalk is the customers. If this is not done, waiting charges could apply. Worse yet, the driver may be forced to offload the shipment into a warehouse due to his schedule. When both the mover and customer take extra precaution under unfavorable weather conditions, the chances of a smooth move become much better.

Other Factors

Not only does weather affect pick-up and delivery dates, but it can also change what is being moved. Most moving vans are not climate-controlled because customers are not inclined to pay the extra amount for such service. Items such as candles, wine, plants, aerosol cans, batteries, and anything else perishable or explosive should not be shipped. If these items are included, you may be responsible for any damage done to the moving van or other shipments on the trailer.

Fear Not

When the mover and customer work in unison, even severe weather can be overcome. Despite these weather concerns, 95% of the moves handled by Lawrence Moving are delivered on time. That’s because of team of highly trained moving experts are experience and prepared for most weather conditions. Visit Lawrence Moving’s website to get started with your move.