How to Take the Worry out of Following your Company Move

How to Take the Worry out of Following your Company Move

When a company decides to grow, they often leave for wider, greener pastures. This means you have two choices: you can follow them, or you can look for another job. If you’ve decided to follow them, you may be in a bit of a whirlwind during the announcement phase. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you out.

Your Company Is Moving

Whether you’ve moved across town or across the world, moving is always a hectic time. It’s the same for your company. When they announce that they are moving, you will (almost always) be presented with paperwork informing you of the consequences of your decision to follow or stay behind. They will usually outline the new area and give a thorough run-down of real estate agents. Perhaps, with very large companies, there may even company-owned homes available.

If you decide to follow your company it is likely that you will be awarded some sort of assistance in moving. This means that your company is likely to pick the moving company, work with your schedule to help you move your home goods, and perhaps even suggest local real estate agencies to sell your current home if you own it. Most companies will give you time to discuss your options with your family.

Time to Go

Upon deciding to go and signing the requisite paperwork, you should be given a list of times and dates that the moving company has been pre-booked for. Most companies will allow the employee time off during this booked time to assist in their moving, help direct where things go, and make certain that all belongings are packed as the movers work.

Once your items are on the truck, it’s time to follow your company into a great new world. Travel arrangements vary. Speak to your travel office or human resources department for further details.

What to Expect

The exact details of what to expect will vary from company to company. It is difficult to determine precisely what one person will be paid compared to another among various companies. Some companies will pay for all travel-related expenditures, some will only pay for what you can put on a company credit account, and others will slowly repay you via extra pay over a certain period. These details should all be outlined in the moving contract signed by you and the company. We suggest that you keep it on you during your move, along with your shipment list from the moving company.

Ultimately, a company willing to move their employees is showing that their employees are an investment. They consider you worth taking with them, which is a costly venture. Consider that a moving contract may require you to stay with the company for an extended period of time, however, and that this should be watched for in the contract.

You should also ascertain if the moving company or your corporation is responsible for your personal belongings. Insurance should be required in either case, but there is a wide range of coverage depending on the exact wording of your contract. If you are unclear on a certain part, you should contact the moving company directly for further information.

Your New Life

You’ve moved, settled down, and found the perfect house. Your employer should be in contact with you to help schedule a date for the delivery of your personal belongings, much as they did during the initial pickup of your shipment. Continue to refer to the paperwork you’ve been given. If anything changes from that agreement, you will have it for reference and be able to show it to those who need to see it.