How to Protect Your Company Data while Moving to Another Location

How to Protect Your Company Data while Moving to Another Location

The time has come to move your important data files. However, even your backups must be moved. If you lose it all, your business is finished. How do you protect such delicate information while moving your company? Here are four ways that a moving company can help your business keep its data intact.

Static Film

Static film is a product that many moving companies use to protect electronics or equipment that may be damaged by latent static electricity. Static occurs in everything. From brushing your feet across a carpet to tires whispering across a road, static is present everywhere. Static film comes in a wide variety of types, sizes, and electric resistance ratings to make for a fully customizable move.

This film is made from a PVC compound that does not conduct electricity, which gives your electronics complete protection from any static that may occur during shipment. Bags are also available from many moving companies in a variety of sizes to quickly pack small electronics such as motherboards or hard drives. If you are moving a great deal of static-sensitive equipment, remember to request this special packaging when you book your move.

Data Backup

In the age of technology, moving companies are starting to double as data centers.

For those moving large amounts of data, it may be difficult to move equipment and guarantee the data stored within them. Backups on personal loads will also involve huge boxes full of hard data. That makes it difficult to transport, and it’s difficult to maintain the security of the files en route.

Cloud storage and data backup are beginning to become huge areas of operation within corporate moving companies. This means that you send the data to the company and they hold on to it for you while you move the hardware. If everything works at the destination, wonderful! The moving company will delete your information after offering you the chance to back it up. If you have faulty equipment on arrival, your data is safe with the moving company. That kind of peace of mind is well worth it, especially with delicate information.

Safe Storage

There are instances in which a corporation simply needs to store its data for a period of time. Perhaps they’re making upgrades or moving to a larger location. While the tech is being dealt with in person, the data sits at an off-site moving company, safely out of the way. This guarantees the safety of your files while you do necessary upgrades or move sensitive equipment, and in case of potential damage to the hard copies.

This storage may be backed up in multiple places, as noted by the contract and agreement when the moving company is brought into the situation. Review your contract for further details.

Offline Storage

Perhaps you are a doctor’s office that is intent on relocating very soon. This means that your confidential files need to be kept safe throughout the move. Static film and static-free boxes are all well and good, but how do you find someone to take care of your patients’ data for the duration of the move?

Many moving companies offer offline storage for military, physician, and other very sensitive data. This means that a data storage system is brought to the office and the information is downloaded on-site. The storage system is designed to be moved from place to place. It is transported with the office equipment to the new destination, and any damaged or corrupted files are then recovered from the storage system.