How to Pack Books

Bookworms know all too well how quickly books start to pile up. It can become overwhelming between the endless paperbacks, timeless hardbacks, and beautiful coffee table books. Moving an entire home library is a daunting task, but easily manageable with some effective packing techniques and the right tools. Below, let’s take a closer look at the most effective ways to pack books for your big residential move.


Sorting your books is a huge first step, but it will help you when it comes time to pack. Purge any books you don’t need to hold on to or have duplicates of. You may be able to donate these books to a local charity or library. After deciding which books you want to keep, sort them by size, and keep all the hardback books together in one pile and paperback books in another. This step will make packing the books into boxes much more straightforward.


Getting the right supplies can make all the difference in packing books. You want to have plenty of small or medium-sized boxes. Using small boxes will prevent the box from becoming too heavy and difficult to manage. You’ll also want plenty of packing tape and some acid-free packing paper. While every book doesn’t need acid-free paper wrappings, you’ll want to use it for old or rare books in your collection.

Pack Correctly

You’ll want to pack books differently depending on the type of book. You should pack hardback and paperback books upright like you’d put a book onto a bookshelf. Pack oversized books like unique coffee table books flat, lying down in the box. It is essential to never pack a book with the spine facing up or down. Loading books into the box with the spine absorbing the weight of the book can damage the book. Always label your boxes once you have packed them.

Keep Boxes Light

Consider how much weight goes into the box when packing your book boxes. Shoot for each box to weigh between 35 and 40 pounds. Maneuvering heavy boxes through an unfamiliar house or up and down stairs can be dangerous and difficult. If you have the option, choose five lighter boxes of books instead of two heavy boxes.

Be Aware of Weather Conditions

Books are relatively fragile items that can quickly become damaged by water. Keep an eye on the weather conditions for your moving day. Even with careful packing, a flimsy cardboard box cannot withstand a heavy downpour. If the weather isn’t cooperating with the moving day, consider waiting to move your boxes or wrapping them with big plastic trash bags to protect them from the water. Consult with your mover about handling them if you expect bad weather.

Smooth Moving

Any book lover will understand the importance of keeping your books safe through a move. With careful planning and proper packing, you can rest assured your books will safely arrive at their new destination. Moving and transporting several boxes of books can be tedious, so contact professional movers to help. Contact us for a free quote so you can have the peace of mind of knowing your possessions will be safe.