How to Announce a Business Relocation

Moving your business is exciting and allows you to grow your company and client base. Moving could put your business in a better location or give you more space to spread out. Announcing your relocation is critical to maintaining your existing clients and helping your business reach new heights. With these best practices for announcing a business relocation, you can rest assured your office relocation will go smoothly.

Use Social Media

Many people receive the majority of their information from social media outlets. Social media can provide valuable facts like your business’s opening hours or location. If you are moving your business, highlight your move on all social media channels you use to promote your business. For example, if appropriate, you’ll want to announce your relocation on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Post information about your relocation a few months before the actual moving date to add more interest and excitement about your move.

Update Your Information

If your business is moving to a new location, update your relevant information. While you want your business website to reflect your new site,  remember to update any source that could have your address. For example, you’ll need to update your Google Business Profile, printed flyers, and business cards. Also, update your social media pages and profiles!

Contact Clients Directly

Your clients keep your business going and should be your ultimate priority. You’ll want to contact your clients directly to inform them about your new business location. You can send emails, physical mail, or depending on your business’s size and scope —pick up the phone and talk to each client. Ensure they know the exact address and the date for your new location opening. By directly calling or emailing your current clients, you can maintain a personal connection with each one.

Physical Mail

Relocating your business is a big step and should be celebrated. While you certainly want to reach out to your current clients about the news, this is also the perfect opportunity to grow your business with a relocation announcement. Think about creating flyers, mailers, or letters to go in the mail. Broaden your clients and customer base by announcing the new move and celebrating your company’s success. Your new office location could also be the perfect time to offer a sale or special promotion.

Blog About the Move

It is time to get your customers excited about your new location. While mentioning the move on social media can undoubtedly announce your new place, you want clients to understand the reason for the move. If you have a blog on your website, take the time to create a special blog post dedicated to your business relocation. Explain the benefits of the new location, and get your clients and future customers excited about the new spot. Plus, creating a detailed blog explaining the move can also make the move easier for your employees.

Distribute a Press Release

Consider sending a press release to the local media about your upcoming move. This is a great way to let the community know that your business is relocating. 

Include the following information.

  • Catchy headline
  • Details about your business
  • Reason for your move and goals for the new location
  • Impact you hope for customers
  • An image or photo that reflects your announcement
  • Business’s website URL
  • Release date
  • Brief company history
  • Contact information

Business On the Move

Professional movers can make light work by packing and moving office materials and furniture to your new location. If you’re moving your office to a new place, contact us today for a moving quote. We can move your business quickly and efficiently.