Finding Great Professionals in Your New City After a Move

Moving to a new town is exciting but requires some adjustment. Many aspects of your life change when you move. One is your team of professionals, such as doctors, dentists, hair stylists, child care providers, and personal trainers.

Here are some ways to find great professionals in your new city after a household relocation.


One of the top ways to find good professionals is to ask the locals. Ask your neighbors and colleagues who they use for a particular service. Then, interview the suggestions to choose the right one for you.

Once you have a few professionals in your network, you can ask them to recommend others. For example, your doctor may know a good dentist or optometrist.

Credentials and Reviews

You can also look online. Almost all professions have a professional association that refers you to professionals in your area. For example, the American Dental Association has a dentist find. Government agencies sometimes help you find qualified professionals, such as childcare workers.

Once you’ve found a professional, check their training and certifications. Did they receive training or education at top places? Do they have additional certifications beyond basic state licensing? What do their customers say about them? In the case of doctors and dentists, what health grades do they receive?

If you have a particular condition or situation, you’ll also want to check the professional’s experience with that condition or situation.


Once you’ve got an initial possible name, visit the facility where they work. Does it also meet your needs? If a stylist works out of the home, is it fully equipped with a salon-style sink and chairs, for example? Is the doctor affiliated with good hospitals?

Always visit a childcare facility before deciding where to leave your child. Look carefully at how teachers interact with the children. Also, look at the classrooms and play spaces. Are they of adequate size? Clean? Cheerful?

In some cases, the facility may drive your choice of professional. If you want your child to have access to an afterschool gymnastics program, you’ll consider childcare providers with that option.

Or, if you’re looking for a personal trainer, consider finding a well-located gym with the amenities you like. Then, you ask at the desk about personal trainers in that gym.


You want to feel that you connect well with the professional. Do you trust them? Do they listen to you? Do you have to wait too long for an appointment? How long do you have to wait in the facility for your turn?


Insurance often governs the choice of doctor, dentist, or other health care specialist. Policies will sometimes pay a higher percentage of the cost if you visit healthcare professionals within a specific network. Many insurance companies also offer incentives for you to join specific gyms.

Get Assistance with Your Move

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