7 Ways a Moving Company Helps Your Productivity

7 ways a moving company helps your productivity

When moving your business, hiring a moving company is often the best way to do things. Here are seven ways a moving company can make your corporate move easier and more productive.


Your employees already have a list of tasks they need to finish. Why push moving on them when you can simply hire a moving company? This allows your employees to work right up until the last moment rather than worrying about packing up their cubicles. We do recommend that you allow employees at least a week’s notice prior to moving so that they may remove personal objects if desired. A moving company allows your employees to do what they were hired for: work.


Many corporate moving companies offer a one-and-done phone call service. You simply call in, give an estimate of your employees or the number of floors that you’re moving, and schedule the move. Most businesses tend to have relatively similar structures. Unless you are moving sensitive equipment or odd-shaped objects, moving one five-floor office building is often very similar to moving another. Most corporate moving companies have strategies for this scenario without having to inspect the premises. Some may send an inspector, but that inspector’s visit should only take an hour or two of your time.

Easier on Employees

When a business is moving, it often relies on its employees to help work out the details. This is both unfair and outside of their job descriptions. In fact, you may have to pay medical bills if an employee is injured during a move. Moving companies are professionals in their industry. Any corporate office would expect a professional to take care of a job. Your employees are not professional movers. Get someone with experience.

Less Downtime

If you hire a service that packs and unpacks the office for you, each of these operations will usually take a day or two. It depends on how large your office is, but a moving company is much quicker at that job than individuals within the company would be. This means less time that your business is unable to assist clients, less time that employees can’t fulfill their duties and fewer issues with misplaced boxes or equipment. A moving company that offers unpacking services is fully responsible for placing the items as directed.

Faster Removal

Working against a lease deadline? Most corporate moves are. You say that you can be out of the space by the 1st and avoid that extra lease fee, but it’s the 29th, and the move is going more slowly than you expected. This doesn’t happen with a moving company. Unless there is a weather delay, a moving company will have your corporate affairs in order when they state they will. Their team is used to last-second moves, too, if you’re in over your head.

Electronic Safety

How do you know your electronics won’t receive static damage as you move them? You can take a great many precautions, but unfortunately, not all of those work. A moving company will come equipped with static-free slides, guards, and many different kinds of packing. If you are moving sensitive electronics, moving companies will protect your data and get it to your new office safely.

Transportation Issues Solved

Few offices own large box trucks or any appropriate moving equipment. You can’t expect your employees to hand-load every box and chair onto the back of a rental truck throughout the day. A moving company has dollies, furniture moving supplies, and a team of experts ready to put their knowledge to work for you and your employees.