6 Tips for Planning a Move When You’re Expecting

Planning a move when you’re expecting a new addition to your family is an exciting time that can also be tiresome and stressful.  Being proactive ensures you take good care of yourself and your baby. The tips below can help you feel less stressed and keep you and your baby safe when planning a household move.

1. Talk to Your Doctor

Before you empty closets and fill boxes, talk with your doctor. This way, you can address any concerns, ask questions, and learn what activities are safe to participate in. If you have any high-risk factors associated with your pregnancy, your doctor can best advise you on how to proceed during your move. Even low-risk pregnancies will have restrictions, so it’s best to learn what these are before you begin moving activities, such as packing and lifting.

2. Find an OB/GYN and Schedule an Appointment

If you are moving to a new state or neighborhood where you’ll need a new OB/GYN, research before you move. Once you find a healthcare provider, check the following boxes.

  • Does your insurance cover your new doctor?
  • Is the OB/GYN accepting new patients?
  • Have you contacted your current doctor to transfer healthcare records?

Some doctors might hesitate to accept new patients in their third trimester. If possible, plan your move earlier in your pregnancy. Once you find a doctor to take you, make an appointment ASAP.

3. Rest When You Need To

When doing moving activities, be sure to listen to your body. If you feel tired, set time aside to rest. Even if you don’t feel tired, take frequent breaks. Your health and that of your baby is top priority. The packing and moving will get done one way or another. Now’s not the time to be shy in asking for help! Chances are, many family members and friends would love to lend a hand.

4. Avoid Toxic Chemicals

On both ends of your move, you’ll find cleaning tasks, some of which might involve toxic chemicals. This is another area where you should step back and ask for help. If you don’t have family or friends available to do the cleaning, hire a professional company to get the job done.

5. Pack a Moving Day Kit

Make sure to pack a few necessities you’ll need. Great moving day kit items for pregnant moms include:

  • A folding chair to sit on
  • Lots of water
  • Healthy snacks
  • Toilet paper

If you have any medications or other must-have items, be sure to tuck those aside. This way, they don’t get lost in the moving chaos.

6. Plan to Set the Nursery Up Last

Designing and setting up your nursery is probably one of the most exciting tasks you face, but don’t jump on this one too quickly. Wait until after you’re settled into your new home. Gathering baby items too soon means more packing, unpacking, and extra moving costs. It’s best to leave this one until you’re in your new home. This way, you can enjoy this special time even more.

Moving Made Easy!

Getting settled in a new home will be exciting as you plan for the baby’s arrival. This doesn’t mean it won’t come without challenges or stresses. Let a moving professional remove some of the burden. Contact us today for a free quote!