6 Tips for How to Move a Couch

Of all the pieces of furniture in your house, the couch is probably the most challenging to relocate. This is because most sofas are big, bulky, and not made for easy transportation. While you can do nothing to make your couch smaller or less bulky, you can take steps to make your couch easier to move. The following tips can help you as you try to relocate your couch. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Measure

Taking measurements can help determine whether your couch will fit through the route you plan to carry it through your house. First, measure the depth of the sofa and the length – then measure the width of the hallway and doorways where you plan to transport it.

You might take the measurements to get the couch out of its current location, but keep the measurements for your move into your new home to ensure it will also fit there. Measure twice to ensure that you have the measurements correct.

2. Prep the Couch

Moving your couch without prepping it could lead to damage. To get the couch ready for transportation, follow these tips:

  • Remove any loose pillows or cushions. Put them in garbage bags or protective covers to protect them from dirt, scratches, and stains during transport.
  • Flip the couch on its back to remove its legs. Couch legs can get in the way when moving your couch, and they can even become damaged if you leave them on. However, most sofas have legs that you can remove. Once you’ve removed the legs, put them in a container along with any hardware that kept the legs on the couch. Do this to avoid losing the couch legs.
  • Wrap your couch in a protective material. Wrap your couch in shrink wrap or other protective material to avoid scratching or staining the upholstery.

3. Get Help

Most couches are too big and bulky to move safely by one person. Instead, get help from a friend or relative as you move your couch. If the sofa is large, consider getting help from more than one person. Remind the people carrying the couch to lift it with their legs and to avoid making any twisting movements when moving it.

4. Have a Plan of Action

Before moving the couch from here to there, have a plan that everyone agrees to. What route will you take? Does the sofa need to be loaded into a vehicle? How will the couch get into the vehicle? Answer these questions in advance before trying to take it anywhere.

5. Use a Furniture Dolly

Use a furniture dolly to relocate your couch safely. These tools come with straps that hold the couch to the dolly and make lifting more manageable. Don’t try to move the couch on your own, even if you have a dolly – work with a partner who can help you keep the couch stable on the dolly.

6. Hire Professionals

The safest and easiest way to move a couch is to hire professionals to do it for you. Work with a team of professionals — call today to get a quote for your upcoming move.