6 Things to Do When Packing Your Shed for a Move

Packing your shed can be a pain, especially if you aren’t prepared! So often, sheds contain many hard-to-box items and unmovable chemicals like fertilizer. Here’s what you can do to pack up your shed and simplify your relocation process if you’re moving

1. Sort Through Clutter

Most sheds are full of clutter. Start your shed-packing process by going through the various boxes and containers that you keep stored in your shed. If you haven’t used something in over two years, you probably don’t need it anymore.

Take an organized approach. First, sort the shed items into three piles — what you can give away, what you can throw away, and what you can recycle. Then, if you have items to donate, start making runs to the donation center. If you plan to throw a lot away, then consider getting a dumpster to make this process more efficient.

2. Sell What You Can

Selling items can get you extra money you’ll need to put toward your relocation, but selling things can be time-consuming. If you’re planning a garage sale or planning to sell items online, start preparing for it as soon as possible. You may need to clean up things, take pictures, assess their value, etc. All of that requires lead time.

Plan to have your garage sale or sell your items at least several weeks before moving. You’ll need to do this early because you’ll need time to manage anything that doesn’t sell. For example, if you plan to take anything that doesn’t sell with you, you’ll need time to pack it into boxes.

3. Clean Items

Before you can pack items in your moving truck, you’ll need to clean dirt and grime away from the boxes. This prevents the moving truck from getting dirty, thus preventing your other items from becoming dirty.

You can easily wash plastic tubs with a sponge and mild soapy water. Metal items that you wash should be dried after you clean them to prevent them from becoming rusty—dust off any cardboard boxes that have been stored away in your shed.

4. Wrap Large Yard Items In Bubble Wrap

Wrap large items like large trimming sheers and yard tools in bubble wrap. Wrapping items in bubble wrap prevents them from becoming dangerous when being moved and from being damaged. Buy plenty of bubble wrap and tape the items up.

5. Know What You Can’t Pack

You can’t pack certain things on your moving truck, and your moving company will provide you with a list of their prohibited and restricted items. That list will include chemicals, fertilizers, cleaning solutions, explosives, and corrosive materials.

If you have anything like this in your shed, you’ll need to get rid of it before your relocation or another way to transport it to your new home.

6. Work With a Professional Moving Company

Your professional moving company will likely sell boxes and other supplies that can make packing your shed easier. For convenience, they can even pack up your shed’s contents and the entire house contents and transport them to your new place. Contact us to make the moving process more manageable if you’re moving soon.