6 Important Safety Tips for When You Move

If you don’t take the proper safety measures, moving can be incredibly risky, increasing your chances of experiencing injuries like falls, overheating, and muscle strain. Staying safe is a matter of wearing the right clothes, drinking enough water, taking breaks, lifting the right way, and more. Here are some safety suggestions for your next residential move.

1. Wear the Right Clothes

Think about the clothes you wear every time you engage in moving activities, whether hauling boxes from one part of your house to the other or hauling boxes into a truck. If the weather is hot, wear breathable, lightweight, light-colored clothing. Also, wear baggy clothes that are not too loose or baggy.

2. Lift the Right Way

Back injuries can easily occur when you use the wrong lifting techniques, especially when carrying heavy and bulky boxes. Use proper lifting techniques to protect your back and joints. Some tips:

  • Squat down in front of boxes.
  • Maintain good posture, keeping your back straight and chest out.
  • Lift slowly, keeping the box close to your body and your back straight.
  • Don’t twist with the box; instead, use your feet to change the direction of your body.
  • Set down the box by squatting again.

Never attempt to lift by bending your body forward, and never lift a heavy object higher than shoulder level.

3. Use Small Boxes When Packing Heavy Things

Use the smallest boxes possible when packing heavy things like dishes and books. That way, you can keep the box’s weight manageable.

4. Keep Exit Routes Clear

As your home starts to fill with boxes, navigating can become challenging. Avoid stacking boxes in hallways and near or in front of doorways. Keep the exit routes to your home as clear as possible to ensure that you and other family members can quickly exit in an emergency, like a fire.

5. Practice Self Care

Practicing self-care is always important, but it’s essential during a relocation. Taking care of yourself can help you manage stress and stay mentally and emotionally healthy. Some tips for practicing self-care:

  • Get 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Take breaks when packing and when hauling large loads.
  • Continue to eat nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Take time for yourself, engaging in activities you enjoy.
  • Drink water throughout the day while moving boxes.

6. Keep Pets and Children Away on Moving Day

Children and pets can become a problem on moving day. When children and animals are underfoot, they can cause accidents or get injured. If you have small children and pets, send them to stay with friends or relatives for the day.

Work With the Moving Experts

Another way to keep yourself safe while relocating is to hire moving professionals. Working with the pros relieves you of many of the duties that come from moving, so you’ll have less risk of slipping, falling, and so on. To get started with your upcoming relocation, call today to make an appointment for a free quote.