6 Easy Steps to a Successful Apartment Search

Searching for a new apartment takes time. However, you can make the process easier and less stressful by breaking it down into these six easy steps. Starting with identifying a neighborhood and ending with contacting a residential moving company, you can make your upcoming relocation a better experience overall. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Identify a Neighborhood

Identify the neighborhood where you would like to live. When trying to choose a community, know what’s most important to you and use this information to help you select an area. Is saving money important? Is finding an apartment in a good school district important? Is it essential to be close to your office or workplace? Know what’s at the top of the list, then start working from there to find the right neighborhood for you.

2. Get Together Your Information

When you start submitting applications for apartments, landlords and property managers will want to know where you’re employed, how long you’ve been there, what your rental history is. They’ll want to see financial information. They may ask to see pay stubs, bank statements, and your job history. Have all the information prepared in advance, especially if the rental market is hot in the area where you’re applying.

3. Know Your Must-Haves Vs. Nice-to-Haves

Know what features are most important in an apartment and what features you’d like to have. For example, is it essential to live in an apartment with a pool? Do you need a parking spot? How many? Do you want an apartment that has carpeting, or is hardwood important? If you know the features that you want most in an apartment, that can help you sort through the listings that you see online.

4. Make Arrangements to View Apartments

Once you’ve found a few apartments that meet your criteria, make arrangements to view those apartments. Don’t delay, especially if there’s a lot of activity in the rental market where you’re hoping to live. Make arrangements to see apartments as soon as possible, so you can put in an application once you see an apartment that you like. When you look at apartments, dress nicely to make a good impression when you meet the building manager.

Have a list of questions you’d like to ask when you view the apartment. Ask questions such as:

  • When will this apartment be available?
  • How long will the lease last?
  • Is there a deposit?
  • Are pets allowed?

5. Submit Your Application

Once you’ve decided on an apartment, submit your application as quickly as possible. Remember, you don’t know how many other potential renters have seen that apartment. If you don’t get the apartment of your preference, you may need to start the search all over again. Act quickly!

6. Start Planning Your Relocation

Once you’ve got an application submitted and accepted, start planning your upcoming relocation. It’s time to get packing! Contact movers as soon as possible to arrange your relocation. Once the lease is signed, you’ll want your movers to be available to move your things out as quickly as possible. This means you’ll need to find the right movers quickly.

To find out how much your upcoming relocation will cost, contact us today.