5 Tips for Success When Working with Professional Movers

Without question, moving is a significant undertaking for the average person. However, working with a moving company prevents the transition from being a burden. Look at a few tips for success when working with professional movers.

1. Schedule Your Preferred Moving Date Early

All residential moving companies have their own guidelines for scheduling a move. Further, requesting a move during peak moving season (typically in the summer) may require longer advance notice. An excellent general guideline is to schedule your move eight weeks in advance. However, if you’re moving out of state, try to do it 12 weeks in advance. This is because out-of-state moves can take more time for the moving company and may be more challenging to squeeze into the schedule.

2. Ask for a List of Prohibited Items

Some items will be prohibited when it comes to what can be loaded onto a moving truck. Be sure to get a list of prohibited items in advance so that you can make arrangements for their transport. For example, most movers will not transport live plants or animals, such as your houseplants or fish aquarium, with fish inside. If these items are not handled before the movers arrive, not having alternative arrangements could slow the moving process.

3. Confirm Your Plans Before Moving Day Approaches

As your scheduled moving day approaches, take a few minutes to call the moving company. You may want to verify items like:

  • What time will the movers arrive at your home
  • How or where the moving truck should be parked on moving day
  • How much time the move is expected to take

It’s also a good idea to call to double-check the moving date. This ensures there was no miscommunication during the initial scheduling and everything is carried out as planned.

4. Have Everything Packed By Moving Day

When they arrive, it is essential to be ready for the movers to make the most of their time. You don’t want them standing and waiting for you to get boxes packed, as most will have designated time slots available for each customer, with the understanding that all will be ready to go when they arrive. Organize My House offers a rough estimate of how long you can expect each room to take. For example, the average kitchen can take four to seven hours to pack, while a bathroom may only take one or two.

5. Label Boxes Clearly

Clear labeling will help you when you unpack. However, good labeling on packed boxes will also make things easier for professional movers. For example, note the destination room at your new house on each box. Also, indicate “fragile” on boxes containing delicate items. This will ensure movers know which boxes they need to handle with extra care.

Pin Down Your Moving Date with True Professional Movers

Having access to residential movers to get you from your old house to your new home is advantageous. Are you ready to schedule your moving date? Contact us to get an up-front cost estimate to get started.