5 Common Myths About Moving Companies

5 Common Myths About Moving Companies

We hear rumors and old myths about moving all the time. Here, we’ll dispel some of the most popular, oldest moving- and moving company-related rumors of all time. This is a light-hearted article, so settle in for a smile with us.

Workers don’t have strong background checks.

This would be against every possible job security that a moving company could want. Without incredibly deep background checks, moving companies would lose everything. The entire business is about taking care of a client’s needs in a careful, sensitive manner that secures their irreplaceable items during their transition period.

Movers are screened over and over again for your security, the business’s welfare, and their own safety.

Storage is poorly secured.

When your shipment is in storage, it is in one of three places. Overseas shipments are usually placed in large, metal cargo bins that are then settled on boats or barges for transport. Intra-state shipments are loaded into wooden cargo containers and (almost always) shipped on 18-wheeler trucks on long, safe road routes that are frequently used by the moving industry. Last but not least, intra-city or local moves are simply stored within the moving truck if they are delivered the same day or the morning after.

In the rare event that something happens to your belongings while in the care of a moving company, you will be fully compensated with very few exceptions.

Moving companies reuse boxes/packing materials/etc.

By the time a box has been packed and unpacked, it is rarely in any sensible shape to be used again. No, most moving companies that offer pickup of moving materials are simply doing it to make the client’s life easier. They know there is a great deal of recyclables that come along with the moving process. In fact, they often use industrial binders to keep boxes and sheets of paper wrapped together for easier disposal at the recycling plant.

In some areas, it is becoming trendy to re-use boxes, papers, and so on. If this is a service offered by your moving company, we can’t recommend it enough. Green moving practices save your budget and the planet. However, as you can see, when moving companies reuse materials it is at the request of the client–not to cut corners.

Movers are rough with your belongings.

Once the crate is sealed, which occurs on your property, the moving company no longer touches your belongings until they arrive at your doorstep. That means that you can watch every moment that the moving company is in contact with your shipment. If you believe that they are being rough or disrespectful to your belongings, please say something. It takes only a single request to be heard.

However, it is very rare that a client would need to voice this. Movers are taught to move personal belongings with the utmost respect, no matter how tight the timeline is or if they are needed at another job. The client comes first in the moving business.

Moving by yourself is less costly.

This is a hot topic and widely debated. Moving companies believe that clients’ time costs the client money. To invest the time it takes for 1-2 people to pack as opposed to an entire moving team is very costly to the client. Moving is a very busy time, and hiring your movers is, undoubtedly, an investment that you will realize is the best choice. It is impossible to do the work of a moving team by yourself. It saves you a truck rental, dozens of hours of labor, and allows your schedule time to breathe. What could be better?