4 Ways to Use a Storage Facility During Your Upcoming Relocation

A storage facility can be your best friend while you’re going through a relocation. Having a place to store your boxes during the home sale and packing process can make life easier. Consider the following if you’re trying to decide whether to use a storage facility for your upcoming relocation.

1. Stage Your Home

If you’re selling a house, you want to make the most money possible during the sale. Staging your home can help it sell quicker and for more money. In fact, you can sell your house 88% faster and for 20% more money if you choose to stage your home.

Staging makes your home look more appealing to buyers by making it appear organized, less cluttered, and more intentionally decorated. You can stage your home by working with a professional staging company or do it independently. Many people who stage their homes leave only the most attractive items on display and put their other items elsewhere.

This is when your storage unit comes in handy. Putting your everyday clutter somewhere out of the way can make your home look more attractive to buyers, which can help you sell it quickly and for more money.

2. Store Items When You Don’t Have a Place to Move Yet

You may have sold your home but haven’t yet closed the deal on the house you’re trying to buy. Or, you haven’t found a house that meets your needs yet. A storage unit can give you a place to keep your furniture out of the way while trying to find your new home.

When you are ready to move out of your storage unit, simply direct the moving company to unload your items from the storage facility and into your new home. It’s an easy way to manage your upcoming relocation.

3. Keep Clutter Out of the Way While Packing

Stacks of boxes and unneeded furniture can get in the way, making it challenging to continue packing when you’re getting close to your move date. Use your storage unit to hold furniture and boxes that are not needed in your house during the packing process. This gives you breathing room and some relief while trying to finish packing.

4. Move In Gradually

Once you have a new house, you can gradually move into your home, grabbing a few boxes from your storage unit. This gives you time to unpack everything and maintain organization without feeling overwhelmed by all the boxes in your house. While this does drag out the unpacking process a little, some homeowners prefer this because they like having a peaceful space.

Want to Make Moving Easier? Work With Professionals

Hiring professional movers for your upcoming relocation can make moving even more manageable. If you’re planning a relocation, hire a business you can trust to get through your relocation with you. Look for a moving company with experience and a good reputation. Contact us today to make an appointment and learn more about our relocation services.