4 Steps to Making a Commercial Moving Plan

Is your business moving this winter? If so, you need a commercial moving plan. Being ready for your upcoming commercial relocation can help ensure that your move will go smoothly.

Getting your employees on board, making a timeline, creating a budget, and finding the right mover are all steps you should include in your commercial moving plan. If you’re a business owner planning to relocate your business sometime soon, here’s what you need to know. 

1. Create a Committee

Moving is a big job! Most business owners can’t do it on their own. Unless your business is relatively small, you’re going to want planning help from some of your staff. Create a committee of people who can help you make plans, disseminate information with other staff members, communicate with clients, and create your moving timeline.

Assign your most capable staff people to your committee. They’re going to need troubleshooting and planning abilities, good communication skills, and authority around your place of business. 

2. Make a Timeline

Create a moving timeline for everyone to follow. The timeline should include time set aside for packing, accumulating moving supplies, finding movers, unpacking time, and of course, the move itself. 

Choose your moving date strategically. Most businesses choose a slow time of year for their relocation, so their move is less likely to interfere with their profits and revenues, and their staff will have more time to dedicate to the task. 

Choose a move date that gives your staff enough time to pack and make moving preparations. If your business is a retail location or a restaurant, give your customers plenty of heads up that your relocation is coming. If your business moves without alerting customers to the relocation, you could lose clients. They may decide your store went out of business! 

3. Make a Budget

Moving isn’t free. Your business will need a budget for your upcoming relocation. Work with your accounting team to ensure that your business relocation is affordable. Making a moving budget takes time, especially since your business will need to vet movers and get quotes from multiple moving companies before choosing the right commercial moving company for your business. 

When making your budget, consider how your new location will impact profits and revenues. It may be that your new site will increase sales, reduce costs, or allow your business to increase production enough that you’ll bring in more money after the relocation is over. Make your budget with this in mind. You might be able to afford more than you think!  

4. Find a Moving Company

Vet moving companies to find the right company for your business. Meet with multiple commercial movers with an excellent reputation to ensure that your chosen moving company will be suitable for your relocation needs.

Ask the moving company about their experience helping businesses like yours relocate. Check references. Remember that the least expensive moving company is unlikely to be the best moving company. Choose a company that fits your budget, but don’t cut corners on a company that doesn’t meet your needs. 

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