2020 National Movers Migration Report

The United Van Lines 44th Annual National Movers Study is out. The Covid-19 pandemic has had an incredible impact on the country and the moving industry is no exception. 

Moving trends observed over the past decade have only accelerated thanks to the chaos caused by the virus. More interstate movers were migrating away from major cities and heading southbound and westbound than ever in 2020.

Many of those movers were heading to smaller cities such as Wilmington, NC. North Carolina, as a whole, experienced a large influx of movers this year with over 60% of interstate moves coming from inbound residents. Only 40% of interstate moves were leaving the state.

Virginia, on the other hand, was more neutral. Residents leaving the state made up about 53% of total interstate moves while inbound movers comprised the other 47%.

These are trends that are expected to continue in 2021 as the general population of the country continues to move evermore southwest.

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