10 Necessities to Pack for Your Move

10 Necessities to Pack for Your Move

The movers are almost here, and you’re staring at a pile of things you intend to pack. The problem? It just won’t fit in your car. There’s too much. We’re here to help you whittle down that stack to something more manageable.

Cooking Utensils

Rather than living on fried fast food and pizza, it’s so much easier if you can cook a meal in your new home as soon as you get there. That doesn’t mean that you need to take your whole set of pots and pans with you, but it is a good idea to grab one or two to bring along. Don’t forget the salt and pepper.


You remembered the camp bed or the air bed, but guess what? You forgot the sheets. Now they’re somewhere in the outer reaches of your boxed belongings. No one wants to spend their first night in their new home digging through the mountain of boxes, and few people want to spend it at Wal-Mart hunting for a blanket and a pillow. Pack your bedding and save yourself the hassle. Moving out day is hard, but moving in day is exhausting, too. If you bring bedding, at least you’ll sleep warm.

Camping Chairs

You have a gorgeous new living room but nowhere to sit. Folding camp chairs are a perfect solution. Not only that, but they usually come with drawstring storage bags. If detachable, these make an ideal laundry bag until your belongings get to your new home.

Key Rings

Your new place is great! Too bad you can’t get in. Why? Because the movers packed your brand-new house keys. Before the movers get there, put all non-car keys on a key ring. If you are moving by vehicle, toss them in your car and keep your car keys on you. If you are moving via airplane, throw them in your luggage. Calling a locksmith when you arrive is no fun for anyone.


Much like key rings, we advise putting chargers in your to-go luggage immediately. If need be, you can always pull them out and charge your electronics as the movers work. Don’t assume that chargers are something you will be able to grab at a local store upon arrival. Stores do sell out, and why spend the money on a new one when you already have one?

Moving Documents

You’ll need your moving documents to verify who you are, to check the shipment, and to make any insurance claims. Don’t throw them away or leave them behind. This happens so often that we had to put it on our list.

Employment Belongings

If your employment requires a uniform or special equipment, be certain to bring that along. Though you may only be moving across town, delays can occur. You may be unable to unpack boxes and find your employment necessities before it’s time to go back to work. Save yourself the trouble and keep them with you.

Box Cutters

You’re at the store, and you know you’re moving soon. You grab a giant pack of box cutters or scissors to make the job of unpacking easier on you. Where are they? You have no idea. Keep your box cutters with your to-go luggage from the moment they come home from the store.

9- One Plastic Tote per Person

Short on space? Pack a single plastic tote per person to put in the back of the car. They stack much more easily than luggage and their hard, outer shell will keep things inside from being damaged.


Prescriptions are a no-brainer, but take along some over-the-counter products, too! It saves you from having to go to the drugstore if someone has a stuffy nose or allergies in your new home.